My One Word (The 2016 Edition)

In 2015, my One Word was “Thrive”*.  It seemed fitting in light of all the adjustments and changes we would be facing as a family in the year ahead, having moved to another state (and nearly two years to the day that we moved the kids back to the US from the UK, at that.) Unfortunately, [Read On]

Holiday Fun at the Perot Museum (+ Giveaways)

  Dallas friends, be sure to set aside time over the holiday break to head downtown for a family trip to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science!  Yesterday I zipped into the city for Family Blogger Day at the Perot, where we were able to explore the new exhibits and check out the new [Read On]


It’s Thursday evening, and the house is all quiet as everyone is asleep. Except for me. Re-entry to normal life after a week’s holiday in Spain, sans kids, has been more difficult than usual.  Jet lag has been more difficult to overcome – I awake each morning and fail to clear the haze that surrounds me. [Read On]

Adios, España!

I currently sit in the business class lounge at the airport in Madrid, courtesy of my ever-traveling husband and the nicer seats we have for this flight.  A global symphony surrounds me – Spanish, Italian, French, British and the occasional American. The sights are decidedly and distinctly European – men in skinny jeans with sleek sporty [Read On]

10 Sentences: Luck

“Es regalo” she said as she offered a sprig of Rosemary. “Free. For good luck.” But I knew if I accepted, she’d grab my hand to read my palm – and as she would consider a coin to be “bad luck”, the least she would accept is a €5 note. I smile and say “No gracias”, [Read On]

It’s NaBloPoMo and I’m Too Jetlagged to Po Anything

I must be a glutton for punishment because I signed up for NaBloPoMo knowing that the on the 1st of November I would be on an airplane until the 2nd of November – so failing pretty much right out of the gate.  (NaBloPoMo stands for National Blog Posting Month, in which I should be attempting to write and [Read On]

Home Away from Home: Residence Inn

  Recently I drove to Austin with some fellow bloggers for the Disney Social Media Moms Conference “On the Road”. Since the conference officially started at 8:30am, I knew making the four-hour drive from Dallas EARLY that  morning would be a deal breaker – nope, there was no way was I going to be up at 4am [Read On]

American Girl BeForever Casting Calls!

Do you have an American Girl fan? I know I do, and boy, is she excited. American Girl wants to bring the stories of two American Girl characters to life on screen! The American Girl BeForever line features girls who are brave, smart, creative and kind – their stories create a connection that young girls can relate [Read On]

Meet the Team Night at FC Dallas!

Moving to the UK when my kids were 3 and 5 meant that they had an entirely different exposure to team sports than their friends back here in the US; for my son, it meant choosing between soccer, rugby and cricket. Soccer it was, and has been ever since. My mud room is littered with soccer [Read On]

(Not Remotely) Silent Sunday: When You Give a Kid a Camera

What do you get when you give your 9-year-old not-really-a-soccer-fan daughter your banged-up Canon G-11 camera so she doesn’t torment her 11-year-old “eat-sleep-breathe soccer” brother when they are given the (hopefully not) once in a lifetime opportunity to sit on the bench at an MLS game while the teams warm up? (Other than an over-hyphenated [Read On]