The Bucket List

I’ve always had a bucket list, scribbled in the backs of notebooks and on notes tucked into the pages of my favorite books. It was time I posted it someplace a bit more reliable. So here we go….

  1. Live abroad
  2. Swim with a dolphin
  3. Live in a warmer climate (than Chicago)
  4. Lose the muffin-top
  5. Wear a bikini confidently (again)
  6. Visit the Galapagos Islands
  7. Visit New Zealand
  8. Take the kids on a sailboat vacation in the British Virgin Islands
  9. Stay in a treehouse in Fiji
  10. View Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower
  11. Hang glide at Jockey’s Ridge State Park at the Outer Banks, NC
  12. Take a River Cruise in Germany
  13. Hike the Grand Canyon
  14. Go on safari.
  15. Visit Hawaii
  16. Eat tapas in Barcelona
  17. Drink Guinness in Ireland
  18. Attend the ACM awards and blog about it
  19. Take a cruise to Fiji
  20. Cruise the Nile river and see the pyramids
  21. Eat gelato in Rome
  22. Ride the Eurostar from London to Paris
  23. Take a cooking class in Florence
  24. Eat chocolate in Switzerland
  25. Take a pastry class
  26. Drink a beer in Germany
  27. Learn to speak Spanish
  28. Learn to knit
  29. Learn to sew
  30. Learn to play guitar
  31. Learn to do a “smokey eye” without looking like an aging hooker.
  32. Get published in the Washington Post (for something I wrote, not something I did.)
  33. Write a children’s book
  34. Run a half-marathon
  35. Run a full marathon
  36. Take my family to Walt Disney World, Disneyland and Disneyland Paris.
  37. Be an extra in a film
  38. Go white-water rafting
  39. Try to make a guard laugh a Buckingham Palace
  40. Walk the Red Carpet…anywhere
  41. Attend a World Cup match with my soccer-crazed son
  42. Take my daughter to the ballet
  43. Visit the National Parks in an RV
  44. Hang out on the beach in Goa
  45. Overcome my fear of heights (ok, my fear of falling from heights)
  46. Take part in a flash mob
  47. See the Northern Lights in Norway
  48. Be a cartoon voice
  49. Spend my 20 year anniversary on Peter Island
  50. Meet my grandchildren

But my list isn’t finished!