My children are so very, very lucky.

They had lovely friends in the US, and moving here, have found equally lovely friends.

What is even more special is how, even after being gone for a year, at 4 and 6, they’ve managed to not lose that bond with their friends back home.

I mean, seriously – Pea met E. when she was only two. She is her bestest friend in the world “at home”.
When they caught up in April, E. was a little shy at first because “she knew Pea would be leaving and she  would be sad and miss her, even though she was happy to see her”. (How flippin’ cute is that?)

This trip, as we drove away, E sobbed and sobbed, saying “Pea is so, so special”. It broke my heart to have to leave that day.

Boo, being Boo, settled right in with the twins like he hadn’t ever left (with the exception of the accent, which was cause for giggles). They played hard, wrestled, ran around, and played some more. He ended up staying for dinner because no one was ready to part – so Kim, bless you, because I know you were headed out on vacation the next day, and letting him stay made his week. He misses those boys.

And on the flight back, as they were naming all the people they were missing already, they added in their friends here – they were ready to see them as much as they already missed the people they left behind.

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