I'm back!!!!

I’ve been nearly without internet for 3 weeks.

Three weeks people. That’s like 7 years in social media time. Seriously.

Because, you see, I’m overly optimistic, and ordered my MacBook Pro about one day too late.
Not realizing it was shipping from, oh, Shanghai (oops), in that 1-3 days shipping time, of course it took 3 days. And then a few more to get to the US, where it arrived less than an hour after my mother-in-law left to join us.

Rat bastards.

So, while I could tweet or check emails on my iPhone, because the phone doesn’t work in the US, I could only use it when I could access Wi-Fi. Which was basically when we were in the beach house.

And I didn’t fly all that way to hang out inside, when I could be burning blinding strangers sunning myself on the beach.

So I do have a bit of catching up to do…..

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