Its the Simple Things in Life

This afternoon, like any other Monday afternoon, I woke Princess Pea up from her much-needed nap so that we (she and her brother) could play at open gym at the local gymnastics place. (Before my dear friends can give me, the nap-nazi, grief about waking up my own daughter from a deep, blissful sleep, let me say in my defense that she is starting to give up her naps, and anything over an hour now has her up talking in bed until 8:30 or 9pm.)

Today, however, was different.

Today, I presented Maddie with her first gymnastics leotard. It wasn’t new – it a hand-me-down from a friend, but in pristine condition and with a line of sequins and rhinestones across the top of the bodice.

Initially, still groggy, she brushed it away. “No sparkles Mommy. Want one without sparkles.” Unusual in itself for my girly girl. However, the lure of something pink and sparkly was too much to resist, and she struggled to put it on before asking for help. She ran to admire it in the mirror, and returned, gently and lovingly running her hands over her belly “tank you so much mommy for dis beautifuwl gym-nastyicks outfit”.

At the gym, she would be in the middle of play, catch sight of me, and come running to me. Each time, she would lovingly touch the new outfit, and express her thanks, the wording never changing.

And it struck me – when was the last time that I was so wowed, so grateful for such a simple gift? And if I was, was I ever as expressive in showing my gratitude?

I mean, aside from the gift of a dual-control electric blanket last year from the hubs (and I do thank him every time I hit that preheat button, because the air in our room can get pretty, well, brisk when its 7 degrees outside as it is situated over uninsulated space), I really have to search to recall the everyday things that really wow me like they do when you still have your childhood innocence.

Granted, I do have a “gratitude journal”, and while I cannot say enough about the benefits of keeping one, most of the thoughts jotted down in it, well, stay in it.

(In the interest of focusing on the positive my kids do, instead of the negative, I do try to make a point during snuggle time before bed to thank them or acknowledge what good behaviors particularly stick out. Snuggle time is the one time I really do have each child’s undivided attention, and it is amazing the comments and really deep insights that I get from my 4-year-old.) But that is about the extent of it.

Given the economy today, the struggles that some people face, be it health, financially, or spiritually, there is more need than ever to recognize and acknowledge (and better yet, verbalize) those little things that make each day a little better, a little brighter. If even for a moment.

Take a moment: What happened today that was a bright spot, a blessing, unexpected, be it big or small?


  1. Just Janice says

    Great post! I’m happy that I got my lunch today at work so I could run.

  2. Just Janice says

    Great post! I’m happy that I got my lunch today at work so I could run.

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