When World Baking Day and Pack Rat Day Collide

Hello! Today, May 17, is World Baking Day, which would be more fun if I wasn’t eating in a lazy keto manner, because I don’t care what you say, baking keto is just not as much fun as baking like a person who can eat whatever they want and not worry about where the carbs are going. (In my case, those carbs make a run for my belly. I may as well just buy donuts and stuff them under my shirt.)

(Coincidentally, it’s also National Walnut Day, which does help if you are keto because a lot of recipes use ground walnuts.  The walnut is very low in carbohydrates.

The walnut, however, is my least favorite nut because I find it bitter.)

It is also Pack Rat Day, which, to be honest, is pretty fitting for World Baking Day when I take a look at my kitchen cabinets.  Pack Rat Day sounds like a more direct way of saying “you need to spring clean a little more”; today is the day to time to look at your house and figure out if you have things you don’t need.  This is quite relevant if I am honest about what I have in my kitchen. I took a quick look around my cupboards, and came up with a few things that aren’t getting much use.


The Donut Pan I had a craving for maple bacon donuts after returning from a trip to the Outer Banks, birthplace of Duck Donuts.  No, I have not yet made said maple bacon donuts, but now I have a taste for one.

Pack rat


Coffee mugs. Coffee is my life source and I have mugs to match any mood. I like a good cup of tea in the afternoon, too,  and that requires a clean cup. My husband might think I have too many but I don’t think there is any such thing  when it comes to coffee or mugs.

Pack rat


The Pizzelle Maker  Yes, this is a single use appliance. It makes pizzelles, a thin and crispy Italian cookie flavored with anise oil, and it is a treat I associate with  Christmas.

Pizzelles are made in a similar fashion as waffles. Given how pristine the cookie irons (and the hinges) are, you can guess how much I have used it to date…

Pack rat

Daddy Food Processor and Baby Food Processor.  First of all, I do not get rid of major (and expensive) small kitchen appliances even if I only pull them out a couple times a year, because darn it, it’s expensive and I won’t want to replace it later when I need it next. The baby (in terms of size) food processor is what I used before I was gifted the giant Cuisinart, and to be honest, it is no where near as efficient but I pull it out sometimes because I hate washing the big one.

I did not take a photo because it is a lot to haul out and assemble if I’m not going to rice several heads of cauliflower or grind walnuts into dust for keto cookies or slice potatoes for my favorite gratin. I would have to rearrange my cabinet to get to the smaller Cuisinart, and I’ll be honest, I don’t want to be forced to more kitchen gadgets that would up my pack rat status.


Six gazillion pie plates and cake tins. Ok, maybe I should get rid of a few of these. Still, I used to make Miss M doll cakes, and I needed differently sized cake tins. And one of these pie plates belonged to Grandmommy, so I can’t imagine getting rid of it. And the ceramic pie plates are pretty. And sometimes do double duty as counter decoration.

Pack rat


Steamer Pans for my Instant Pot They sounded like they would be useful at the time but I keep forgetting to try them. I got excited about the idea of making cheesecake in them until I remembered that I only like cheesecake a little. (As in one slice from Cheesecake Factory will do me for the next year.)

Loaf Pan Liners. And Loaf Pans. Yes, I have a lot of loaf pans. In fairness, I do make a LOT of pumpkin bread around the holidays. (Mmm. Pumpkin bread.) I likely do not need as many as I have, but I am prepared to make quick bread in any size I desire.

As for my parchment loaf pan liners: they are a necessity. These things really are helpful – quick breads come out easily meaning there is less scrubbing of the pan, because while I love baking I hate cleaning up. (If someone could get on a bowl liner for my KitchenAid Mix Master, that would be great.)

Unfortunately, I think I bought these pan liners while I lived in Wales, so I’ve been working on this packet for more than 6 years. Clearly, I do not bake enough banana bread. Which sounds really good.

With walnuts. Because it’s National Walnut Day.

And chocolate chips. Because why not?

pack rat


These Cabinets.  My kitchen has several sets of cabinets that reach the ceiling, reachable only by climbing from a step-stool ONTO the countertop. I put some things in here when we moved in three years ago.

Pack rat

I have no idea what’s up there right now.


* * *

I’m giving myself the summer to use all these things (and figure out what’s in those upper cabinets.) If by the start of school they still haven’t been touched…off to Facebook Marketplace they go.

In other words, follow this space for recipes for donuts, quick breads, more instant pot recipes, and more!

In the meantime, I spent so much time poking around my cabinets that I didn’t have time to actually bake. Which is a little awkward considering the pack rat portion of this post.

That quick bread might happen sooner than I think!

I prefer the term “collector” to “pack rat”. Are you a pack rat?
If so, what do you have too much of that you just can’t let go?

pack rat

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