Common Sense Not Included

Recently my son received what the doctors determined was a “possible” mild concussion. As in, he passed the brief “follow my finger” concussion testing, but he had a bad headache and struggled to concentrate the next day in school.

Possibly is the word to note here, because my son and I had vastly different ideas of what this meant for him.

To me, it meant that we treat it as a mild concussion.

He thought probably meant “probably not” – but he was ok with missing a day of school since his grades are great and he’s feeling burned out.

While feeling better, he has a few soccer matches coming up. We butted heads all day whether playing is a good idea (figuratively, of course, because his head is dinged enough) and finally, I put my foot down and said if he wanted to play, at the least, he needed protective headgear*.

*And yes, I know that it won’t prevent a concussion but something is better than nothing.

After much groaning about how dorky they look (no argument there) and determining that the one he wanted could only make it by tomorrow afternoon at the earliest (he had a match this evening) – with a $50 next-day shipping charge (oh, hell no) he conceded that he’d wear whatever we found at the local soccer shop. I measured his head, and we were on our way.

Thankfully, they had the one I wanted, and we brought it home.

Once home, we noticed this included in the packaging:

The “instructions”.

Let’s look at that more closely, and you tell me if you see what I see

(and no, it’s not the fact that this poor man has no mouth and only a reptilian slit for a nose):


I’ll just say this: if you think the photo on the left is the appropriate way to wear this headguard, then perhaps you shouldn’t be risking another head injury.
Playing soccer blindfolded is never recommended.

If this instruction is the least bit confusing, suffice it to say your brain is beyond the protection a padded headband could provide.



Have you seen bizarre or lacking in common-sense instructions included with something you’ve purchased recently? Share will me if you have!


(Do you ever wonder, too,  if this sort of thing HAD to be included because SOMEONE out there made this mistake?

Yeah, me too.)


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