Happy Birthday to….Me!

Today is my birthday! I love birthdays….ok, I USED to love birthdays.

More recently, they aren’t so much fun because it is an admission to my actual age. Which shall not be discussed here.

Because, in my head, I’m still 27.  (My body defies this thought process, but my brain and my body are often in disagreement. Especially after an hour or so on the trampoline with my kids. But I’m getting off track….)

This morning, I got a great birthday present from my kids. Possibly the best one yet.
Jewelry? No (although I do have a thing for jewelry. And handbags.)
Breakfast in bed? Nope. Who wants toast crumbs in their sheets, anyway.
No, my kids gave me….a song.
On stage. (Because, a simple song at the breakfast table doesn’t have enough “flash” for my two. And why have a stage in your house – yes, we do – if you can’t use it?)
How cute are they, anyway? Yup, they get their cheese from me. I couldn’t be prouder.
So Happy Birthday, me!


  1. ♪♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ ♪, happy birthday to you ♫, happy birthday dear Jenn ♪, happy birthday to you! ♫♪♫With guitar to boot!

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