Langland Bay

Last week  was “Healthy Week” at Hay School, and the kids participated in all kinds of athletic activities – Monday was Sports Day, and everyone from Reception to Year 6 participated in races and competitons. Tuesday saw the captain of the England Blind Football Team come to work with the kids (blindfolded) and the local karate instructor.

But on Wednesday, well, the ENTIRE school went on a field trip.

You read that right. The ENTIRE. School. (how fast can you say “tylenol”?)

Bright and early, everyone loaded up on four busses, and we set off to Langland Bay, which is near Swansea on the Welsh coast. A few hours, a couple hundred games of “rock-paper-scissors” later, we arrived at the shore.

You’ve never seen such an excited bunch of kids. Seriously.

What was really impressive is how well the big kids related to the “littlies”, and how they all seemed to know each other.  After a bit of free play and a picnic lunch, they all were organized into teams for a sand sculpure building competition – all the kids lined up by year, and the big kids formed teams by picking one or two children from each class. Pea, of course, had her own agenda. Thankfully, her pal Teegan caught Pea and her best friend as they headed off to wash the sand of their hands. In the restroom. Up the hill.
Here, it looks like a cuddle but I think she was just trying to keep Pea in once spot!
The teamwork displayed was impressive. There was negotiation, there was leadership. Seriously, we grownups ought to take notes….
Cute, huh?
Finally, it was time for some “paddling”. (With an entire school of kids and maybe 30 adults, no one was “swimming”. ) Thankfully, as Boo had been asking when they could go in the water from, oh, 5 minutes BEFORE we got off the bus.
And, hey, this is the UK. That water was COLD.
Pea shows her friends how to jump waves. She is a good little jumper. I particularly like how they were careful to hold up their shorts. So they didn’t, um, get wet.
{Insert high pitched girly squeals here.}
It was lovely.

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