Five Minute Friday – Intentional

I push aside my worn afghan, nubby from wear, gathering up crumpled and discarded tissues, and rise slowly. My head is pounding from a sinus infection and so every motion is intentional to avoid aggravating my already pounding head. I walk slowly, movements precise, aware of all the sounds around me – the dog gently huffing in her sleep, my sniffling daughter curled up next to me on the sofa, the low hum of the diffuser spewing a mix of oils in the hope of helping us breathe more easily, and through my misery I spy a kernel of peace.

It isn’t often we get to just BE. Even if that being is accompanied by a deluge of snot and sneezing and coughing.

So much of my life is lived in high gear – rushing here, running there. Down time seems to be a luxury I can’t afford because there is always something else I COULD be doing: one more load of laundry, a counter to pick up, a floor to sweep.  And too often when I do take a break, it gets filled with mindless, purposeless tasks. (I’m looking at you, Facebook.)

I look at my daughter, the curve of her cheek, the bright colors of the rubber bands on her braces so reflective of her personality, and wonder where this young woman came from. It seems just like yesterday that she was running around the house, binkie plugged in, princess dress askew and dragging a stuffed puppy.

What else am I missing in our rush of – everything?  When does my brain truly quiet? When am I intentional in my movements and motions and really focus on what is in front of me?

We went on a road trip this summer, my daughter and I. We shared some incredible experiences and some awful meals, terrible traffic and long stretches of road, and without the distraction of our daily tasks, we had some amazing conversations.  I was given a gift in really seeing who she is becoming and I reveled in watching how her mind works.

It’s not an opportunity I’ve had yet with my son, but I vowed to make it happen this summer when I take him to his soccer camp in another state. We’ll have less time together than she and I did, but I have promised myself that I will be intentional in our time together and get the blasted phone out of his hands for a bit.

I filled my water glass, returned to the sofa next to her, and spread the afghan over both of us. She snuggled in and rested her head on my shoulder. We settled into the quiet of the moment. She passed me a tissue box. I laughed. I guess misery does love company.

Life is passing so quickly and in a blink of an eye my “babies” will be out of the house and off to college. It’s time to really focus on being in the moment with them.

Even if that moment involves chicken soup and decongestants.


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  1. Great post! I hope you’re both feeling better soon. It really does make a difference when we intentionally choose to invest in our relationships. Visiting from FMF #53.

  2. Hi, Jenn! Visiting from FMF. 🙂

    I spend a lot of time sprawled out on the couch due to chronic illness. Your post reminds me to look for the good, the peace, even in the pain. Thanks for that!

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