I’m lost.

Just lost.
Both my babies are in school, and I’ve wrapped up my part-time job back in the States – the business was growing, and I’m a ruthlessly honest gal – the boss-lady needed someone full time, and nearby.  And, really, I needed sleep.
So, now I have plenty of time to sleep – but I can’t nap. There’s irony.
Since our pay checks get taxed both in the US and in the UK, I’m not in a huge rush to start working again. And with summer break starting in less than a month, I figure now is NOT the time….
I should be blogging more. Lord knows I have the time! 
And there is only so much cleaning one can do before becoming completely desperate and pathetic.
But I’m just kind of in a funk. At loose ends. 
Its time to bust. out.


  1. I wish I had that problem…at least for a few weeks.

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