The Best Part of My Day

The best part of my day SHOULD be when my kids walk in the door from school and I get a loving hug and we chat about how their day went over milk and cookies.

That’s not quite how it works out. Sometimes, that part is a little stress-filled.

Apparently, the milk and cookie scenario was actually just an episode of The Brady Bunch, or The Andy Griffith Show or that one time in 2010. In my house, more often than not I hear a backpack slung to the ground (sometimes gently, sometimes well-flung in anger), the rustling of lunch boxes emptying, and the refrigerator opening and closing (again, sometimes quietly, sometimes with a thump if the day was bad.)

I couldn’t tell you exactly, as I’ve likely just shouted  “Hi! How was your day!” from the safety of the laundry room until I have an answer. I have a tween and a teen. I’ve learned the hard way to approach cautiously in case it has been a bad day.

The first half of sixth grade is mostly months of bad days.

Currently, the BEST part of my day is the first hour or two after the kids have gone to school. (Is that wrong?)

I have a hot cup of coffee at my side (because I’ve lost the first cup poured somewhere in the house while trying to get the kids out the door), my comfy pants on, the kitchen is tidied, and I’m full of ideas. I’m most focused in the morning. I have IDEAS.

Because as I’m awaiting that first real sip of coffee, the editor that lives in my brain hasn’t come to the party yet.

I keep my planner closed, because if I start thinking of all the things I need to do, the squirrels come out to play. Twice a week I go to Pure Barre at 9:30 instead of 11:30, so I have to focus to get those thoughts down before it’s time to go.


I write. I take notes. I do NOT look at Facebook, it’s a time suck. I write some more.

And then the mental dialogue kicks in.

No, I am not still hungry. That thing the kids left on the counter? I can ignore that.
No, really. Don’t put it away. Do. Not. I don’t want to go into the pan…

I went into the pantry.

No, it doesn’t need straightening. This is MY time. Focus.
Butt in chair, words on paper. Ok. I’m doing great! I wonder what’s on Twit…NO.

Resist temptation. Get more coffee. Stretch. Let the dog out. Open the blinds some more and let the sun shine in.


Fine. The first hour or so is the best because I have big plans, and my primary goal is to get words down while avoiding Facebook. Also, the Hallmark channel is usually playing a distracting light-hearted movie that will end at 9. Or I’m so cold from the school run that I bury myself under a fluffy blanket with the dog ON my feet and I read a little more from the book I really need to review.

Like the start of a brand new spiral notebook, that first hour after the kids have left for school is a blank slate and ripe with possibility.

And if I’m lucky? I stay on focus and get to tick a few things off of my to-do list.

Even if that task is “drink coffee”.


What’s the best part of your day?


Today’s post was inspired by a prompt from Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop.
Go check out her post and all the others linking up.






  1. At my age the whole day can be the best part. Except Wednesday when I need to be at work by 8:30. Wonder how much longer I want to do that. Course at least I know what day of the week,it is.

  2. I like the coffee and writing. For me, it might be “coffee and graphic art projects,” or “coffee and video editing” or “coffee and writing on some fan fiction blurbs…”
    Coffee goes with creativity.

  3. We live the same life. My teens scare me too. Why do we have to suffer for their bad days!?

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