Fresh(er) Face Forward

I look…tired.

And not just because I have chronic resting b*tch face – but that IS becoming a part of it. (More on that in a bit.)

My eyes have heavier circles than usual, and my skin looks dry and awful thanks to winter weather and my thyroid. Ok, and crappy skincare habits. Plus all those applications of baby oil at the pool in the 80s are probably, finally, coming back to haunt me.

I can clearly imagine what the aesthetician at the spa I (used to) frequent would be yelling at me, but given that she might need an ACTUAL orbital sander instead of the microdermabrasion tool that only FEELS like one has me terrified. And I have been comfortable with my denial and suboptimal skin care regimen.

(Apparently, remembering to swipe one’s face with a makeup remover cloth in the morning does not constitute age-appropriate skin care…)

The turning point for me was when I ran out of foundation. I’ve been using the same brand for 20 years, and was shocked to discover my preferred kind had been discontinued by the line. The salesperson matched a shade of their new “photo finish” moisturizing foundation to my jaw line and I was on my way.

Now, that bit about matching it to my jaw line is important because my jaw line, whilst drooping a bit lower, is the only part of my face that remains smooth. Possibly because it’s just hanging out, relaxed. When I applied the new foundation the next day (to a clean face, yes) I was mortified.

You see, standing back from the mirror, yes, the finish was soft and even.

Coming in closer?

This stuff amplified every single pore and wrinkle on my face. Every. Wrinkle.

I had aged another five years at least, which is NOT what anyone is going for in their makeup routine. I had wanted to get in touch with a cosmetic surgeon to take all the years away from my face and have him scream at me as to why fillers are better than botox for many different reasons… So…

What’s a girl to do?

I messaged the very brilliant makeup artist who took care of me when I was sent to the American Music Awards in 2016. Hey – I’m not afraid to reach out to the people with more skills than me – I was born missing the girlie gene that makes you inherently good at applying makeup. Or styling hair. Or, apparently, walking in heels.

But I digress.

She offered some suggestions for brands that she likes for “mature” skin. And then gently lectured me on my utter lack of skin care. Apparently you only get one face.

I really do love you, Jenna Garagiola.


The whole exchange now has me washing my face well before bedtime and applying the night-time moisturizer that’s been hanging out, neglected, on my bathroom counter. This week I’ll take the recommended trip to Sephora and check out the recommended foundations and see what they suggest for skin care lines. I could also consider looking at the best website for korean skin care too for this. I really am paying closer attention to all the little ways I wasn’t taking care of myself and trying to put a fresh(er) face forward. (Pun intended.)

I may also only share photos using Snapchat filters.


They easily take 10 years off, right?

I’m hitting a milestone birthday this year and it has jarred me into prioritizing myself a bit more in some areas and it’s made me contemplate some things that I hadn’t before – like cosmetic fillers.

Because when I look in the mirror and see the two DEEP frown lines that are the unwanted gift from resting bitch face – I’m slightly horrified.

But, since I am not a fan of needles (or expensive procedures), I am instead trying to smile more while I’m at my desk so you don’t see the lines that make me look flat-out displeased.

It feels wholly unnatural, by the way.

It will take a lot more effort to maintain when I’m in the company of people, particularly without looking like a crazy person. Because I am not a people person.

As a matter of fact those filler injections might be a lot less painful.



  1. A little smiling goes a long way as you say! Happy New Year!

  2. Donna Tagliaferri says

    I am a huge fan of skin care, and I know your face will respond quickly. Age is age but eating well, drinking water and a good skin care regime you like (its like exercise you have to like what you do) and you will be fine. Unfortunately for me its consistency…yuk. I want to do it once and be done with it. But like the wash and dishes I have to do it every day. Good luck I think you are darling!!

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