How To Keep Your Energy Up When Crazy Schedules Beat You Down

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Y’all, I only have two kids – but some days, with all the running I do for their crazy schedules, it feels like I have more.

Or I need to clone myself.

And let’s face it, every time we think we see the light at the end of the tunnel of crazy schedules, another sport season (or holiday) pops up in our path. Frankly, it can be exhausting, so I have to be sure to take care of myself and maintain my energy.

How do I do it? I’m glad you asked.

Here are my tips for keeping my energy up when crazy schedules are beating me down:

Get your best sleep

I think it’s safe to say that too many of us cheat ourselves by not getting enough sleep – and it’s SO important! It’s the thing I struggle the most with, too. Poor sleep habits can really have adverse effects on your health – it can slow your metabolism (hello, weight gain), it affects blood sugar, and it can play a role in depression. It’s important for managing stress, to letting your body recuperate, and it’s good for your concentration.


So turn off those screens 30 minutes before bedtime and cut out the late night snacks, unless you want to relax with cbd gummy bears. A sleep mask and white noise is key for a few of my family members. If you’ve been burning the midnight oil too much (as I tend to do), consider what my personal trainer calls a “sleep diet” – take a week and make sure that you hit the pillow early and consistently, and treat it as seriously as you would if you were avoiding sweets or fried foods. Trust me, you will feel better for it.

Manage your schedule

Of course, in order to get that great sleep, you need to get control of your life and your schedule. The first thing to do is organize yourself. If I don’t have a clear idea of what’s on the schedule, too often I find myself pulled twenty directions at once. (Hello, sleep deficiency?) Figure out what works best for you – is it the calendar, or a planner, or simply your phone?


I confess, a good planner helps me order my life, and it sits next to the family calendar.
I color-code each family member’s activity, to provide a better visual. Another tip is to schedule phone reminders – in your phone calendar, you likely have the option to schedule multiple reminders. I set up one reminder the day before, and one for an hour before the activity. It’s like a virtual kick in the pants.

Find other parents to carpool with and swap driving times or rotate weeks. We’re all busy – why are we all driving to the same place at the same time? Think of all you can get done when you’re not driving someplace – and then everyone can get to bed at a decent time.

See how that all comes together?

Weekly meal planning simplifies my life and lets us eat better, so I’m not left with the “what do I make for dinner” stress that leaves us running for fast food.

Even better? Take that menu plan, go online, and schedule a grocery pickup for the next day. There’s generally no charge for the pickup and you can let someone else do the shop (and you avoid impulse buys, too.)

That’s the perfect segue to my next tip:

Eat healthy.

Loading yourself up with junk food and unhealthy, heavy foods just makes you tired and draggy. That weekly scheduled shop lets you pick healthy snacks, right? So do it.

Building on that, you need to support your health and your energy levels like your mama always told you:

Take your vitamins

And do it the smart way, with vitamins you can be confident in. Two things I keep on hand are Nature Made® Energy†† B12 Adult Gummies and Nature Made® Vitamin C Adult Gummies, the first gummies to receive USP Verification. (You can learn more about Nature Made® and USP here.)

USP Verification means that the U.S Pharmacopeia Convention (USP), an independent 3rd party, nonprofit organization, has tested the gummies for purity, quality and potency, so you know they contain the nutrients you’re looking for – making them “a gummy you can trust”.

The Nature Made® Energy†† B12 Adult Gummies contain 1000 mcg of vitamin B12 per serving, which is great for busy moms because B12 supports cellular energy production in the body.† I take Nature Made® Vitamin C Adult Gummies because Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps support the immune system and helps neutralize free radicals in the body† and Vitamin C helps with absorption of iron†.

Manage your stress

One way to manage stress is to make sure you incorporate some kind of exercise every day. I love to take classes that focus on stretching and strengthening because it gives me a chance every day to self-focus. Another great way to incorporate exercise and release some stress is to simply take a walk. I often find that even a short walk at a brisk pace does wonders for both my mood and to clear my head. And if you get a spaniel or other energetic dog, you know that you’ll be taking much longer walks.


Oh, if I could just bottle a fraction of her energy…

It’s all too easy to get overload your calendar, so it’s a great idea to schedule downtime. If you put some sort of downtime in your calendar, it’s easier to work other things around it. Even if your downtime is as simple as booking a pedicure, do it – and if you do it with friend, you give her an excuse for much-needed break as well.

I like to take myself outside with my water and take in some fresh air with a book, personally.

Sometimes, you just need to fake it ’til you make it. When I’m dragging, I turn up the music and dance around my kitchen. Sometimes it gives me the second wind I was looking for, and it’s a great brain break.

My last tip for managing stress, which just sucks up your energy, is to use the “Rule of Fives”. When you start getting overwhelmed, take a mental step back and ask: Will this matter in five minutes? What about 5 days? What about 5 years? Sometimes, we need to prioritize our time, and what you think is important really can be set aside for a little bit.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

The last tip I have for maintaining your energy when life is crazy is to stay hydrated. Dehydration can lead to headaches, fatigue and can affect our focus – it can even make you crave sweets (which always sound like a great idea at the time, but you know that just leads to a crash later on.) I find that I drink more water through a straw, so I stock up on drinking straws. And they’re fun. A little fresh fruit, or cucumber slices, or fresh mint helps, to trick myself into thinking I’m drinking more than water.


I make it a habit to carry water with me everywhere I go. I have a great stainless insulated cup that goes with me just about everywhere – in the car, in the house, to my fitness class. Still, I find that I have a hard time keeping track of how much water I’ve had, so I’ve started putting a sticky tab on the refrigerator door when I fill the glass. At the end of the day, I should have five or six tabs on the door. Then the next day, I pull one off every time I fill my glass – waste not, want not, right?

To sum it up: to keep my energy levels up, I try to get my best sleep, stay hydrated, eat healthy, take my vitamins, do my best to manage my schedule better by carpooling and planning, and manage my stress by taking walks and prioritizing. USP certified Nature Made® Energy†† B12 Adult Gummies, with their yummy Cherry and Mixed Berry flavors, and Nature Made® Vitamin C Adult Gummies, with their bright Tangerine taste, are an important part of that routine.

What do you do to maintain your energy when your schedule gets overwhelming?


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††Vitamin B12 supports cellular energy production in the body.†



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