Fun on the Way with the 2017 HoHoHo Readathon!

I absolutely love Christmas – it’s my very favorite time of the year! And because of all the crazed shopping, the stress of finding the perfect present, in light my continual attempts to ENJOY the season more than I stress, I’m already annoying my family with Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel.

I like to incorporate some cheery Christmas reading into the chaos, so I’m taking part in the 2017 HoHoHo Readathon, going on from November 8th – 15th!


(If it seems too early for Christmas books, then look at is as me taking a bullet for you and finding you some great books for the holiday season.)

The HoHoHo readathon includes daily challenges (including an Instagram challenge, so check me out over on IG) and prizes, and I’ll get to find other great books AND make some new bloggy book review friends.

Once again, the HoHoHo Readathon is hosted by Kim at Caffeinated Book Reviewer! (And I’m coming back to edit that I got so excited that I nearly missed linking up. D’oh!)


My 2017 HoHoHo Readathon book picks!

HoHoHo HoHoHo 2017 HoHoHO 2017 HoHoHo 2017 HoHoHo

I’ve bought a tub of hot chocolate, a giant bag of marshmallows, checked my supply of Bailey’s (for late night reading) – and the Dallas temps have dropped, conveniently, so I’ll be ready to snuggle up in a blanket and enjoy.

Check back to see my reads and follow the hashtag #HoHoHoRAT to find more great holiday reads!

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