Dear Men, This Is Why We’re Tired — (A Reblog from) Drifting Through

As a whole, I try to stay to the lighter side of things because when I write about the things that anger me – truly anger me – I tend to be less succinct. The reality is there are writers who can capture my thoughts and concerns and fears so well it’s as if they are peeking over my shoulder (and into my soul).

Gretchen Kelly of the blog Drifting Through is one of those writers. This piece is powerful and worth reading. Because too many of us have been there. Because too many of us can relate.

Because too many of us have been too intimidated to speak up.

Emotional labor is unseen. It’s the energy women spend managing other’s feelings and emotions, making people comfortable, or living up to society’s expectations… the barrage of expectations we feel from the time we’re told to be nice and polite while boys are told not to cry. It’s a thing. It’s also a weight carried by […]

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