Hay Walk

Today was simply gorgeous, sunny and warm (meaning, not typical weather for Wales) and to make the most of it, we thought we’d take a walk. There are a fair amount of walking paths in the area, and we really haven’t had the opportunity to venture out.

The walk we took is called Cusop Mill and Offa’s Dyke. It was an easy, 1.3k walk and took about 45 minutes (Pea has short legs).

Pea started complaining about, oh, 500 yards from our front drive. “My legs are tired”. Great.

When we arrived at the bottom of the steeply pitched road leading up to St. Mary’s Church, the Hubs generously offered to give Pea a piggy-back uphill until we reached a level path. Better him than me, to do that with an extra 35 pounds on his back.
Needless to say, when we reached a bench, we stopped for a brief sit (so the kids could have a drink of water – the weather is quite hot, not that I’m complaining)
The view from that bench was so lovely, it was obvious why it was there.

Making our way up the hill, we walked past St. Mary’s Church.  Sadly, this was the closest we’ve come to going to church since we’ve arrived, much to my dismay. It was Sunday, too.
Leaving the church, we walked along a path. Supposedly the remains of Cusop Castle were along the way, but we didn’t quite figure out where it was. I suspect the mounds of grass we saw were all that was left of it. Boo was disappointed, to say the least.
As far as directions go, well, here they are.
Pea found some energy, and chattered the entire way to the Hubs.
We also learned that Boo had actually done this walk, one Friday afternoon during “Golden Time”. It think it is wonderful that one of the options the children get during the special free time at the end of the day on Friday is to do walks – along the Warren, through town, and through Cusop, each with a different teacher.
Almost home, here! A gorgeous, sunny day, and a wonderful way to spend some family time. So, who’s coming to visit? (Dad, we’ll let you skip the walk up the hill…..)

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