Spring is sprung!

Today it hit 22 degrees Celcius – that somewhere around 72 degrees Farenheit.

Practically a heat-wave, at least in the UK.

And I live in a house with most of its windows painted shut – and the few that DO open don’t have screens.
Say hello to my leetle friend, the fly.  I’ve been swinging and swearing at them all evening.

People passing by on the street, looking in the big bow window, well, they must think I’m a nutter.

But you know what? Its all good.
The sun was shining, and it didn’t set until almost 9:30 pm.
I’m wearing a TANK TOP.
And the garden is finally blooming.

Did I mention I’m wearing a tank top????
I’m happier to sweat glow any day over being wrapped up in sweaters, blankets, gripping my hot cup of tea (now I know why they drink so much here) and hovering over the space heater.

I think that was last week. I’m gonna enjoy it while it lasts….

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