Friday's Favorite Thing: BrookeFreckles Handmade Star Crayons

My kids love to color. Heck, I love to color! And what kid wouldn’t want to color with these crayons made by BrookeFreckles on Etsy:

Aren’t they PURTY? Maddie was happy because a good portion of her share of the crayons had pink or purple in them. (Ok, mom is clever that way! Oh, alright, and Brooke was a doll and divvied up the Crayons before she mailed them to me, packaging them each in their own bag. Mommies understand these things.) Sam thought it was really cool that he could make so many colors with only 4 crayons (his share) – and they had a lot of red and green. I loved that they didn’t roll off the table – which is how I spend most of my time dining out while we wait for the food to arrive – chasing down errant crayons.

For Valentine’s Day, she has some darling heart shaped crayons – with glitter! (You can NEVER have too much glitter.) Go check her out on Etsy.

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