Three guesses…

….as to which Princess is Rosebud’s favorite?

1. 2

If you guessed “Jasmine” from Aladdin, you guessed correctly!!!!
That’s what she told me this morning. Never can tell with this girl…oh, and yes, she IS watching “The Little Mermaid”.
As for me, I’m still trying to find the greater lesson in this movie. I realize it is about love conquering all.
However, in my more pessimistic moments, I see a 16 year old who disobeys all her father’s rules, sells herself to go chasing after a boy she’s never really met, and puts her family at risk. Oh, sure, love saves her in the end – after she nearly gets the guy drowned and her father killed. Yes, that sounds like a fairy tale! The reality of today is that she runs away, gets pregnant, drops out of school and gets hooked on meth while hooking so she can eat.

Wow. Guess I shouldn’t blog before coffee….yes, mom, that’s why its a fairy tale.

I think I’ll go pour myself a cup and snuggle with my sweet kids, sing “part of your world” and lighten up.


  1. That’s so funny that she said Jasmine! HA HA HA! What a cutie your daughter is!

    Thanks for following my blog and nice to “meet” you here in the blog world! : )

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