A Letter To My Son on his 13th Birthday

Normally I write this annual post to my kiddo, but this year, my sweet husband wrote him a letter, and it’s so lovely that I’m posting it here instead.

And not because my kiddo could misplace the actual letter at some point in time, because of course he won’t.

 Dear Sam,

Happy 13th birthday! Time has gone far too fast since we were blessed by your arrival. Once you entered our world everything changed, and we continually marvel at your development and embarrass you with stories. From the days of playing “get you, get you”on hands and knees to “daddy pick you up” and “I don’t want to mellow my matic“, it’s been a non-stop adventure. Our time watching mommy’s “double-decker trains”, visiting construction sites and hearing Sam Lenny and the Train Rockers soon morphed into hours in the yard with a soccer ball,  trekking to numerous sports fields and attending percussion events. All along we’ve intended to provide opportunities for you to discover and nurture your passions.

We are very proud of the young man you are becoming and the varied interests you are pursuing. Your sharp intellect, keen wit, boundless compassion, and tireless work ethic will serve you well in life. People gravitate to you as a natural leader because you are genuine and honest. Please protect and grow these traits as our world needs more of who you can become.

Your teen years will bring many opportunities and challenges. Considering all that you’ve adapted to during our numerous family moves, you have the experience and ability to thrive as you finish middle school and prepare for high school. We will love and support you, listen to you, encourage you, maybe push you a bit as well. All because we see what a unique and beautiful person you are and will be as you continue to mature.

We love you more than words can express and can’t wait to continue the adventure with you!

Love you, Dad & Mom
13th birthday


  1. Oh, what a beautiful letter! (And I love the font that my comment is in, by the way!) Happy belated Birthday to Sam! He sounds amazing.

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