Things that Go Bump

Last night, the Hubs and I sat having a drink and watching a movie. Typical Saturday night, right?

From somewhere in the house, we heard a “thump”. The Hubs thought it sounded like a door closing. I went upstairs, poked my head in both rooms. No one was moving….I came back downstairs. “It sounded like a bedroom door”, he insisted.

It was a quiet sound. Like a cat.

Except, we don’t have a cat.
And while the house is old, my kids are noisy and irritating enough to drive away any ghosts.

So no ghost. A ghost would be cool though.

A few minutes later, Boo came downstairs. He had fallen out of bed.
(I SWEAR, there was a lump in the bed. I swear it was him. In bed. But, it WAS dark….)

The Hubs sends him back to bed.

30 minutes later, there is a second thump from upstairs.

Sighing, I put down my drink (hey, you wouldn’t begrudge me this, now, would you?) and go back upstairs. Into Boo’s room.

Where I trip over him.

On the floor.

Yup. He fell out of bed. Again. And he didn’t wake up.
Until I turned on the hall light.

A bleary face looks up at me from the floor: “Mooooom – why did you turn on the light?”
And I’m like, “Dude, you are on the FLOOR.”

Seriously. He FELL. Out of BED.
And didn’t even wake up. If that’s not a sign that the boy has a hard head, I don’t know what is.

Meanwhile, he just blinks at me.

I put him back in bed. And threaten a bedrail.

(somewhere in the house, a “thump” resounds)

But I gotta go now.

I have to find the spare bedrail.
My boy just rolled out of bed.


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