Because Massages are Self-Care, too

Since I’m a general failure at resolution-related things, I thought I’d brag a bit about how I’m facing up to my “one word” to conquer self-care, health, well-being and focus/self-discipline. Two out of three ain’t bad.

One of my goals was to take control of my health and well-being – mental and physical. I had to put it in writing because, like so many mothers, I tend to put self-care at the bottom of the list and put everyone else first.

Seriously, the dog gets more attention than I do, and she’s a mess.

I mean, I’ve mastered the mom shower (so fast the backs of your knees don’t get wet), I’m golden with a pony tail, and to my stylist’s horror, I may have been known to trim my own bangs with my nail scissors. (Do NOT try this at home, people, and not just because your stylist may break up with you.) Open-toe shoes meant pedicures had to be kept up to date, and my daughter recently complimented me on getting “super light highlights”. I think that’s a much better term for all the gray hairs she has given me this past year.

This year I declared “NO MORE!” I signed up for a barre class, bought some new exercise clothes and swore off donuts.

A month later, I could more often than not be found posting Facebook cries for help from the parking lot of my little gym because my muscles were shaking to a point that I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to lift my foot from the gas pedal.

Worse yet, my anxiety was climbing and I was having a hard time focusing because LIFE.

It was time to step up my game and I’m happily partnering with spa810 in Plano to show you how I’m going to take better care of myself over the coming months and hopefully translate some of it into regular self-care activities. I mean, given my shaky quads and aching shoulders, I was crying out for a massage. I know that getting a Massage Improves flexibility, so I just had to get one myself.

Crying. (Both literally and figuratively.)

I booked a Swedish massage (because I didn’t think my poor body could handle a deep tissue in the condition I was in) and crawled into spa810, where I was met at the counter with a smiling face and the offer of a glass of wine or a bottle of water. (Boring me took the water because I had to cover my school library volunteer gig immediately after…but next time I will plan better.)


I was quickly whisked into a massage room where the lights were dimmed low and soothing ocean sounds and peaceful music was playing. Slightly anxious because of how body conscious I have become, my nerves began to settle slightly as I cocooned myself beneath a sheet and blanket on a warmed massage table and the massage began.



Swedish massage increases circulation and breaks up adhesions in the the muscle tissues, and can be either gentle or vigorous. You can guess which kind I asked for! I wasn’t looking for a gentle, wishy-washy massage. My knots had knots, and I wanted them worked out.

Believe me, they were, and the massage was actually the perfect balance between getting at those sore points and soothing and relaxing everything else. Because my sinuses are my enemy, I usually end up terribly congested from lying face down, but as I flipped over, my awesome massage therapist added peppermint oil to the mix and my head cleared up. It was bliss. He wrapped up the session with a sugar foot scrub, and then sadly, I had to move from the massage table where I was basically a puddle. My head was clear and I felt calm for the first time in days. It was a blessing.

* * *
spa810 offers a variety of massages, actually, with some great add-ons as well, and I confess that I’m super curious about the cold stone facial massage which is supposed to increase circulation that helps to alleviate sinus congestion. It sounds perfect for this girl who battles sinus issues continuously!

In addition to massages, they also offer facials, anti-aging treatments like chemical peels (which I confess to being a little scared by, so stay tuned for that), and even lash and brow tints. I fully admit that I didn’t know this was a thing, but since my browns have their own blond-to-brown ombre thing going on and I spend time each morning awkwardly trying to correct this (I’m surprised no one has pulled my girl card yet), brow tinting is going on my list of must-tries.

I’m booked for a facial in March to hopefully remedy whatever sun damage happens next week in Cancun, and I will bravely share before and after pictures. (Bravely because few people see me sans makeup. It’s not pretty.) However, I’m really excited to try out their Soprano ICE laser hair removal, because as you may have figured out, I’m not so hot at self-maintenance.

As I realized by the slightly stubbly legs I discovered as I dressed after that massage.

My apologies to the therapist.



Follow spa810 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with all their special offers and events – they have great monthly events which offer fun opportunities to check out their medi-spa services.



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