Maddie's change of tune

Its amazing what a well placed threat – er – encouragement will do with a 2 year old!

Boo has been taking gymnastics classes for the last year. Up until about 2 months ago, Maddie watched with fascination, occasionally stopping to cheer Sam on. When Coach Sue decided that Maddie was close enough to 3yrs old to join the Preschool class and to join in at open gym time, Princess Pea decided she wanted nothing to do with gymnastics, thank you, I’ll be in the coat room playing in the Little Tikes garden. Yes, she takes off her shoes and socks like big brother, but no thanks to anything beyond that.

Last week, antsy-pants spent most of open gym time bouncing on the sofa next to me. Nothing could get her to expend some of that energy IN the gym.

This week, before we left I told her the coaches were very unhappy with us because she was jumping on the furniture, and that it was NOT allowed. So, she had two choices: she could jump on the trampoline, OR, she could spend the entire time with me, sitting in the minivan, without a movie.

So, it was little surprise that this week after stripping off boots and little socks that she ran up to the front desk, held up her hand and said “I want a stamp too, please”, and ran like a mad-woman into the gym! She’d walk on the balance beam, run back out to wave to me, and barrel back into the room. I walked in to get a closer look at her bouncing on the tramp, and Coach Sue came over with a look of marvel on her face “Look at her! She is doing great! – what did you do to her???”

We all knew she’d love it if we could only get her in there.

If all my not-so-veiled threats were so well accepted!

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