HoHoHo Holiday Read-a-thon Preview



While Halloween is still a recent memory and we’re not even to Thanksgiving – and fall weather is only beginning here in Texas – my neighbors are already putting up Christmas lights and I’m reading holiday-themed books!

Starting November 9 and running through November 15, I’ll be taking part in the HoHoHo Holiday/Winter Themed Read-a-thon!  Hosted by Kimberly from Caffeinated Book Reviewer, the read-a-thon will feature holiday book reviews, a Twitter party, giveaways and more!

Because Facebook and Twitter was a scary, depressing and hostile place in October I dove into my pile of happy, uplifting, Christmas-themed, winter-set books because I needed an escape, and I have even more yet to read!

I’ll be curling up in my favorite chair with a cozy soft blanket, sipping a cup of cocoa (possibly with the a/c on, because it’s Texas) and settling in to read.  Some of the books on my reading list include:

Read-a-thon  read-a-thon  dyingforchristmas

read-a-thon  read-a-thon  read-a-thon

read-a-thon    read-a-thon read-a-thon

In the mood to read a few holiday themed books of your own?
You don’t need a blog – you can link to any social media account including Goodreads, Facebook,  Google+, etc. Click HERE to sign up!

Now pour yourself a cup of cocoa, grab your favorite cozy blanket and start reading!

Which ones will I bring you during the Read-a-thon?  You’ll have to come back to see!


  1. I am loving all your holiday titles! So glad you are joining in the fun.

  2. Great selections! happy reading!

  3. Great lineup. I love seeing all these chick-lit covers. Happy reading.

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