Baseball Anxiety

I’m an anxious person by nature.

I am also a lifelong Cubs fan, but I confess, one who isn’t as enamored of televised baseball games as I am sitting in the ballpark, beer in hand.

But this series – and particularly this game tonight, Game 7 – has me chewing my nails to the quick from anxiety. I don’t think I’ve experienced anything quite like the baseball anxiety my Cubbies have caused tonight. To help with more general anxiety, take a look at herbal remedy Georgetown Hemp.

It’s been a rollercoaster ride, one that makes you hold your breath in heady anticipation, amps you with adrenaline and excitement, builds you up to the first peak – and then your stomach is in your mouth.

We’ve had our arms in the air here in both exhilaration and frustration.

At times, I couldn’t watch.

Victory is SO close that you can taste it, and it has been so long coming, so hoped for and wished upon and let down…

You begin a futile prayer, but knowing God doesn’t play favorites, so instead you say a prayer that you don’t have a heart attack as your blood pressure rises…and rises.

You continue stress eating your kids’ Halloween candy.

HOW can you have so much anxiety over a baseball game? (I shouldn’t be surprised – I remember from my childhood seeing my mom perched ON the sofa, in her nightgown and Cubs hat as the game went into extra innings.) Anthony Rizzo – he had a right to be anxious (and he was, in the 5th inning, so I have no idea how he made it through the next five innings, so maybe I was channeling it for him.)

And then it happens. After years of cheerfully saying “maybe next year” – YEARS – the Cubs win.

(Saying that still brings tears to my eyes.)

baseball anxiety

I’m excited, exhausted, my nails are a freaking disaster.

And while I don’t know if there will ever be a series as exciting and exhausting and nerve-wracking as this one – I can’t wait until next year.

But I’m glad I have a year so that my blood pressure can return to normal.





  1. Thom Higgins says

    My wife is an Indians fan. She had a hard time with this series because they never make it and she isn’t used to the anxiety she had to suffer in those games.

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