Lovely Downtime at Beaches Negril

Y’all, I’m tired. Why is it that we always need a vacation when we get back from vacation? I find this to particularly be the case when I’ve returned from a more hands-free vacation, such as a cruise, or my recent trip to Beaches Negril – which I took without my children.

No beds to make. No food to cook. No disputes to referee. Cute towel animals on my bed.


People waiting on ME, such as “can I get you a drink, sweetheart?”, and honestly looking disappointed when I say “no thank you”.

I really hate to disappoint people. I AM a people pleaser, you know. (I learned to ask for drinks with “just a little rum”. Yes, there is such a thing.)  Compromises, people.

Beaches escape

Everyone I ran into was friendly and helpful and all “how are you, princess?” in that melodic Jamaican accent.

Friends, I’m 40-something years old, and I admit that I was not one bit offended by anyone calling me “princess”.

I will also confess that it was with the best of intentions that I packed my laptop, intent on getting some writing done in the morning – but honestly, who can sit on a patio when the ocean beckons? That laptop never left the room safe.

That is how you win at vacation.

Even when you are traveling during hurricane season, and it may or may not have rained everyday. These palm umbrellas were pretty waterproof, I discovered.


I was in Jamaica as the +1 for a friend that was attending the Beaches Social Media on the Sand conference. She had sessions in the mornings, and I had – nothing. Zip, zero, nada in terms of obligations. I had time to snorkel, paddle board, or try snuba, or just lounge on a chair and read.

beaches escape

I did a lot of lounging on a chair and reading, and quite enjoyed the quiet.  I spent a lot of time either in my head or in the moment, and as such, I didn’t take near the amount of pictures I had intended. (I did, however, take pictures of food, because I was hanging out with a food blogger who doesn’t forget to take pictures of food, but honestly, I realized that I didn’t even care – I just wanted to eat the lovely food.)

Although, looking at this, breakfast on the beach was a pretty sweet setup.

Beaches escape

Obligatory blogger food photo

When a little guy melted down at water’s edge because he clearly did not want to go in the water and his poor dad desperately implored him to GET IN THE WATER. You know what I mean:   that desperation, the uncomfortable hissing-between-the teeth in complete mortification because your kid is making a fuss  in public where he/she should be having fun. Let me tell you, Dad,  it did not annoy me or cause stress or bother me in the least.

No, I let out a sigh of relief.

Because I’ve been there-done that, and this time, it wasn’t me. Hooray!

I met that dad’s eyes in solidarity and sent him some mental peace, and moved on to the next page in my book. Because hallelujah, I could. I missed my kids, and they would miss me, and that is something that is good for both of us too – even though, as I looked around at the water park with its lazy river and twisty slides, the basketball court outside my room, the floats anchored in the water, the children squealing when they discovered starfish just a few steps into the water – I knew that they would love this place, too.

beaches escape

But on another trip, because this was ME time.

But like any “me” time, it never feels like enough once you return to the grind. Is that a sign you need to do it more often?

I think so.

I’m ready for another trip to the beach, or more specifically, to Beaches. Who wants to go?

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