PediaQ Launches Free Nurse Help Line Throughout Texas

If you are a parent, you’ve likely had a child come home from school feeling poorly. You also know what a hassle it is if you have other little ones at home and need to see a doctor. Likewise, I hate having to take the kids into a waiting room during flu season, because it always feels like there is a good chance we’re leaving with a few more nasty germs than we arrived with. (Do you spend your time in the waiting room hissing “don’t touch that!” or “get your hands away from your face!”? Just me? Ok…)

That was why I was pretty intrigued when PediaQ launched here in the Dallas area last year. If you haven’t yet heard of PediaQ (powered by, it is a great service that offers house calls by pediatric nurses.  They arrive quickly,  and can treat childhood illnesses like flu, strep, fever, asthma, allergies, pink-eye, ear and sinus infections, vomiting, diarrhea, rashes…you know what I mean.

PediaQ-nurse house calls are very affordable since the company accepts most insurance plans, so the cost is just the standard co­pay plus a $25 convenience fee. Believe me, it is well worth it to have your child seen in the comfort of your own home, and definitely cheaper than an ER visit.  (Without insurance the standard visit is $150, which is still less than what you would pay to be seen at an ER or urgent care facility.)

Anywho – back to my news.  The platform is now offering FREE on-­demand nurse triage!  With one touch of a button, parents can speak to a pediatric nurse through voice or video, get answers to questions, and be directed to the appropriate level of care.


The free nurse triage service is available from 2pm-­10pm every weekday and 8am-­10pm on weekends – during those times your kiddo generally gets sick and your pediatrician’s office is closed.  And if you’re used to paying to talk to your pediatrician’s nurse, you can appreciate this no-cost option.

And attention Austin-area friends:  PediaQ has just expanded their home visit service from Houston and Dallas and is now serving the Round Rock, Cedar Park, and Leander neighborhoods on weekends from 8am-8pm. All the details for both services are available via their website or Facebook.

This service is such a brilliant idea and has been a hit with parents across North Texas with over 3,000 house calls since it’s launch last fall.  I know I was impressed with how quickly the nurse arrived, and my daughter – who was anxious about a doctor visit – was much more relaxed on her own sofa, and I didn’t have to take both kids for a long wait at Urgent Care.

If you’ve ever had to corral one small child (or more) while trying to comfort who is feeling poorly (or worse)…I think you can appreciate what a big convenience Q.Care offers!


  1. What a fantastic service!!

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