Treatsie Artisan Sweets Subscription Box Review!

I love subscription boxes, so when Treatsie reached out to ask if I wanted to check out their monthly artisan sweets subscription box in exchange for sharing my thoughts, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. It’s days like these that I love being an influencer; marketing companies (check out this website if you’re looking for help promoting your brand) sending you all kinds of lovely things to feature on your blog, the only downside being you have to try them all, what a chore!

Treats in the mail?

Yes, please.
Treatsie Sweets


Treats delivered to my door in a box that looks like my craft subscription boxes meant that the kids were none the wiser…at least, not for a little while.

The box arrived in my mailbox – it was incredibly hot outside, so I was a wee worried about the contents, but I shouldn’t have been – Treatsie has a melt-proof guarantee! If something actually arrives melted, all you need to do is give them a call within 72 hours and they will replace it. (They ship chocolate in insulated boxes in the hot summer months).

Treatsie Sweets

In my sweets box I found:

TREATSIE Raspberry Lime and Blueberry Acai Nectar Pops, studded with freeze-dried berries. I’m not a fan of hard candy, personally, but my daughter jumped on the blueberry acai with no haste, once I assured her the “bits” were freeze-dried blueberries. It was proclaimed “huge and delicious”. I stole a lick when she wasn’t looking and would have to agree.

Treatsie sweets

MARSHMALLOW FARMS Classic Crispy Square – small batch prepared, this gigantic crispy treat was studded with marshmallows. It was the right amount of crisp rice and marshmallow with a big buttery taste.

Treatise-Marshmallow sweets

It was also ridiculously, generously portioned. I made her cut it in half and share it with her big brother, because it was nearly as big as her head.


Grainy picture…because she was hiding in the bedroom. Hmmm.


CHOCOLATE TWIST Burnt Toast Caramels. Yes, these caramels contain burnt toast, and I can’t explain the mellow flavor it adds, but they were my favorites. The caramels were buttery and melt-in-your mouth creamy.

Treatise-Caramels Sweets

Fine, they were glorious. These will be eaten slowly and will not be shared.



LARK FINE FOODS Coconut Butter Cookies. Butter cookies with coconut and rum? I’m happy to try. These were lovely…but I’m more a fan of soft, chewy cookies than crispy cookies. These were the latter, and the fault in the lack of love leans more to my taste than anything specific to the cookie.

Treatsie Sweets

LARK FINE FOODS Salted Caramel Almond Chocolate Pearl cookies. With a melt-in-your mouth shortbread-like base, these cookies are made with sea salt, almond brittle and Caramelia chocolate pearls. What are Caramelia chocolate pearls? Tiny little bits of chocolate heaven, maybe tears of angels. I’m not sure. I tried to eat them slowly, These were my second favorite, and I might have licked the packaging.

My Thoughts…

Overall, it was a fun box, and we enjoyed everything found in it (and my daughter took the box to craft with, so yay, upcycling). I have to say that the subscription contents did lack my favorite thing: Chocolate. That said, with temps soaring into the upper 90’s, I can see where mailing melty things is impractical. My mailbox felt like an oven.

I should note that I was offered an extra goodie and I chose a chocolate brownie. It was so rich (in a good way) that I had to eat it in two servings. It was so decadent that I hid it between said servings, and yet still forgot to take a picture. Oops.)

While I would love it if – for me – they were customizable (all the chocolate, skip the hard candies), I’m guaranteed that, some months, at least, there might be sweets to share with the rest of the family.

Treatsie Artisan Sweet boxes would be great for….

Anyone with a sweet tooth. I have a terrible sweet tooth, and this let me try things I may not ordinarily pick up in the store. I think a Treatsie Artisan Sweets box is a great gift – it would also make a lovely thank you/birthday/Christmas treat for someone long distance – be it a monthly reminder of how awesome you are, or a one-time gift..

The size means no one is overindulging – I think specifically of a grandparent in a retirement home. It would also be a wonderful surprise for that student away at school, or for a friend who needs some cheering up.

And of course, for yourself. Just hide it from the kids until you get a chance to look through it.

The Sweet Details

You choose the number of sweets per box (5-6 or 10-12) which determines the monthly cost ($19.95 or $31.95, respectively.) If you choose to pay quarterly or annually, the per-box cost decreases. There is free shipping with the box, and it’s commitment free – you can cancel any time. And if you find something you MUST have more of, like burnt toast caramels (coughs), you can buy more directly from their store. They also offer gift subscriptions for 3, 6 or 12 months that have a one-time payment for convenience. (Grandpa will thank you – how many ties does he need at his age, really?)

I thought it was a really fun box that most of the family enjoyed (sorry, honey, you were traveling and we ate it all) and it would make a really lovely gift to find in my mailbox. (Hint, hint.)

To whom would you send a subscription box of artisan sweets?

Because I have a treat for you! If you use the code “ontherocks50” you’ll get 50% off first time subscriptions! Go forth and have sweets, and let me know what you think!


  1. I would have found those caramels Jenn. Lucky I wasn’t there.

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