Things I Haven’t Accomplished this Month (or the last three months)

haven't focused on much

Some days, I nearly have it together. But in this last month of the kids being out of school, I’m suffering from lack of a schedule. I’ve been totally scattered, which ultimately causes me to turn into an ostrich, head in the sand-style – only my avoidance method is to dive into a book.

Because of that, I have a huge list of books I NEED to review because ohmygosh they were so good. And then I look at my list and get overwhelmed and my mind starts to race…and then Facebook happens.

It’s not pretty, people.

The worst part is that I can more easily put together a list of things I haven’t yet accomplished this summer.

  1. I haven’t renamed my blog. I haven’t come up with a new name for it, or a logo, and I’m tired of explaining it. So if you’re good with names, we need to talk.
  2. I haven’t cleaned out the garage. Likewise, I haven’t convinced my husband to help me clean out the garage. I finally dug out one of the hoses so I could wash my car, but I don’t think it qualifies as progress.
  3. Someone unwittingly knocked a plastic dosage cup into the disposal, and on the next use didn’t switch off the disposal quickly enough when it started making a horrendous noise. Based on the smoke that came from it, I’m assuming it is toast, but I haven’t scheduled a repairman or bought a replacement.
  4. I haven’t actually given my kids their summer chore list. Mostly I just shout orders at them and lob a dust cloth  and hope for the best.
  5. I didn’t teach my daughter to ride a bike (meaning, I didn’t find someone to teach her, because there is not enough patience in this world for the two of us to attempt this together. Chalk and cheese, people, chalk and cheese.)
  6. The aforementioned book reviews. I’ll just leave that here.
  7. I also didn’t schedule posts for my vacation, and I didn’t post while I was ON holiday, either. There were vodka tonics consumed, so all was not lost.
  8. Should I even mention those 10 pounds I wanted to lose before vacation?
  9. I also haven’t made it to the gym but ONCE all summer. Oops.
  10. I first drafted this post in June, and, um, yeah. It’s still not done. And I reworked it on…

Thankfully, the kids went back to school today and we’re on the fast track to getting back into a routine. I can feel it!!! I even made it to the gym this morning.

I think September is going to be a great month.

(Yes, I know it is August. Just keeping it real, people.)

And look at that – I finished a post, too!


  1. Give yourself some credit! You’ve almost made it through the summer and hopefully your kids had a good one and maybe some memories were made! If that is the case, success! Plus you make me feel better about my own summer, which wasn’t the most successful one (in my mind) either!

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