Summer Bucket List – 2016 Edition



Monday was the first day of summer and the start of the third week of summer vacation. During the first two weeks, my 12-year-old had an overcrowded schedule with early morning strength and conditioning training, a soccer camp, a basketball camp, and evening soccer trainings and goalkeeper trainings…oh, and percussion lessons, too.

Meanwhile, all of my daughter’s swimming lessons were cancelled due to technical issues with the pool. She has completed the library’s summer reading challenge, capping most of the required minutes by the middle of last week.

To each their own, right?

Last year was the first time that I didn’t over-schedule the kids with camps and classes, and while it was tough (because they were still getting settled in from the move) the freedom was divine.

I confess that I haven’t even put the summer chore list in action because I wanted to get through the first two crazy weeks. (Translated as: I didn’t want to have to manage the Boy’s schedule and ride him to finish the chore list.)  In between everything he was busy playing basketball or soccer with friends or swimming, and it kept him off the Xbox, so I wasn’t complaining.  But now that we can hopefully get on a regular routine, the chart is going into action.

But I digress.

Seeing a “what’s on your bucket list” question on the Faceplace made me realize that we hadn’t even brainstormed our summer bucket list yet.  But here’s the thing: historically, we tend to overload it with EVERYTHING we want to do, ever, (“go to Hawaii”) and so at the end of the summer, when the list is only half tackled, we are left with a “what the hell did we actually DO this summer” feeling in a “glass half-empty” kind of way.

The “reality mom” list would read:

  • swim in pool
  • Go to beach
  • Read
  • Play soccer
  • Play Xbox
  • Binge watch HGTV and Disney Channel

And while there is nothing wrong with this list (as long as the TV bit isn’t overdone), THIS YEAR we are coming up with a realistic bucket list.

As in, things we want to do and CAN actually tick off a list.

  • Walk on a beach
  • Boogie board
  • Stand-up paddleboard
  • Wakeboarding
  • Zip lining*
  • Hang gliding**
  • Get donuts from Duck Donuts
  • Eat frozen custard at Kill Devil Dogs (Yum!)
  • Ice cream for dinner
  • Sno-cones from Bahama Bucks
  • Visit the Perot children’s museum
  • Visit the Waco Mammoth National Monument
  • Swimming lessons
  • Go to Hawaiian Falls
  • Go to the Frisco Athletic Center aquatic center
  • READ
  • Create a time out spot for temper tantrums and mouthy kids
  • Have a sleepover
  • Learn to ride a bike**
  • Make a spontaneous fun stop on a road trip
  • Sleep in***

It’s a sad fact that #17 was added in the midst of creating this list. Welcome to my life.

I’m pretty confident that we can nail everything on this list.

*Miss M added these two things. So far, however, she is 5 pounds shy of the weight requirements for the zip lining places we have found and a rapid 10% weight gain is never a good idea, so we’ll keep looking for places she does weigh enough to do this.

**The Hubs said “hell no” to hang-gliding lessons at Jockey Ridge in the Outer Banks but Mama isn’t saying never. I might make it a reward if she learns to ride a bike.

***The Boy has strength and conditioning every morning at 7am so he is basically getting up the same time he did all school year. I agreed it is a good bucket list item, because if he can sleep in, so can I, so much as the dog allows.

Ok, fine, this is pretty much a list of everything we have planned in the next month, but whatever. I’m the kind of person who puts “drink coffee” on her daily to do list JUST so I can be sure I tick something off, and since I’m doing a 10-day shred thing, I can’t even have coffee, so this week I have to add “drink water”.


I’m sure we’ll be adding to the list as we go, because my kids are generally FULL of ideas.

Or something.

What about you – what do YOU have planned for the summer? Anything amazing on YOUR bucket list?


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