Happy Father's Day, Pete

Its always a good day when you can make Daddy cry. (tears of joy, that is).

Since Maddie and Sam are early risers, (some days way earlier than others), we took Pete out to breakfast as soon as everyone managed to get dressed and out the door – about 7am, here. (Hey, at least we didn’t have to wait in line to eat!)

When we got home, the kids were anxious to open the presents, er, help Pete open the presents we made for him. Sam surprised him with a tie made at camp, which every business-daddy needs. They next helped him open a mug and plate set (“the plate is for your toast, Dad-dee!”) that we created at Paint it Up. (Lots of fun, and another story, indeed.) Then was the “Daddy” picture we created for him, and finally, a book from Shutterfly, which cinched the sappy award. It actually is a wonderful book that allowed us to fill out form pages and add pictures – “How we are like you”, “How we are different”, “People admire you because”. We had lots of fun with it.

Seriously, though, Pete is a wonderful, dedicated father to Sam and Maddie. He revels in whatever he does with them – even if it is mowing the lawn with Sam, which is a favorite father-son activity around here. He starts his day with one of the kids on his lap, mooching cereal from his bowl, and ends the day reading them stories and putting them to bed. Sure, they try his patience – Sam IS the child-master of testing and pushing buttons, and Maddie hits her witching hour long before Daddy gets home from work….

My father is another example of a wonderful Dad. When I was growing up, we were in awe of him – he is a man with a large presence. (Frankly, he was huge, and we were tiny) He never raised a hand, and rarely raised his voice. He has a wicked funny sense of humor, and we call him “McGuyver”, as he not only can make or fix anything, but come up with a much simpler way of doing it that has you slapping yourself in the head at the simplicity of it. (Although, complex is not out of his range, either.)

Pete, Dad – I love you both for who you are. Hope you had a great day.
I highly recommend the 8×8 photobooks….

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