Ten Things of Thankful: Numero Uno

My one word for this year is cultivate, and one of the things I’m hoping to cultivate is a deeper sense of gratitude, to be thankful in the little as such as the big.

I’m hoping I have better luck with gratitude than I do with green plants. What I do with green plants is the opposite of that. RIP, every dieffenbachia I’ve ever owned.  Although, honestly, the only reason my kids are also still alive and kicking is because they make enough noise…

But I digress. I may do that a lot here, because I have not been able to corral my thoughts particularly well over the past few weeks. I’ve written a lot, but posted nothing. Lots of seeds, nothing sprouting, to stick with the gardening analogy.

Let’s start out easy this week – let’s write about gratitude, she said. Following is a non-listy list of things for which I am thankful:

It’s cold here but nothing like what the much of the country is feeling and I am ever so grateful to escape it. Coming from Chicago, it’s still a shock to be sitting at a soccer game, in the sunshine, (albeit freezing in 40 degree weather) whilst my Facebook pings with photos of blizzards elsewhere in the country. It’s lovely to be sitting outdoors in the January sun watching sports, even if I am layered up and wrapped in a blanket.

My daughter’s doctor called to say that all the initial tests they had run on her came back negative. She’s been struggling with tummy pain, poor peanut, and my initial response is relief because a lot of nasty stuff was easily ruled out. While  journey isn’t over we’re both so glad (and shallow) that she doesn’t have to give up bread.

I spent the latter part of the week transferring everything from my old laptop to the new one I picked out as a Christmas gift. Yes, I’ve actually had it in my possession for a month but I was honestly terrified to try to do the transfer; I finally put on my big girl panties and got it done, and wiped my old one (anxiously) for my kids to work on. Woo Hoo!

I’m immensely grateful for the shaggy beast of a cocker spaniel. She is so blooming sensitive and she knows when I’m down (and can be counted on to curl up behind my knees. She’s also my spirit conscience as when the yelling gets to be too much, she runs and hides – a pretty visual sign that things are getting out of hand.

I survived the first part of the 24-day challenge I’m on – the “cleanse”.  No dairy, no coffee, no sugar, no bread, no cheese makes momma no fun. I’ve got more to say on this later in the week, but I’m just thrilled that I’ve hung in as far as I have without any real slip-ups. I’m grateful for friends to help me through what should be common sense but seems overly complicated, thanks to a lack of written down rules.

My orderly brain needs to know the rules.

I also made it to the gym TWICE this week. Which is better for me than curling up on the sofa with the remote, tortilla chips and the Hallmark Channel, which has launched a mystery movie series that has been strangely addictive.

The past week was one of great insight – into the minds of my kids, and through that, into my own mind. Some observations were made that really clicked and helped me to better understand why my kids do some things (and because we are so like-minded, helped me understand why I do the same.)  It’s definitely helping me cope with certain behaviors….

I was blessed this morning with a gorgeous sunrise. I might complain about the pup waking me up so early, but really, it was a gift. There’s something about catching just that right moment of the sunrise, when the sky is glowing with pale pinks and glimmering in the golds; it seems to tell me “this is it, your next new change – get it right, would ya?”

This week has been full of wonderful dinner conversations with the kids. The timing has worked out better than most for us all to sit down together and I’m constantly amazed by how their minds work.

Lastly, I’m grateful just to be making time to sit down and write again. Normally it helps clear my head but the past few weeks it’s been more of a source of more anxiety, and to push the “post” button will be satisfying (once I get through the inevitable panic and self-doubt that will follow.)

Maybe not the most illustrious of starts, but a start nonetheless.

Ten Things of Thankful



  1. FRIST

    And actually a brilliant start, because there’s so much here to be thoroughly thankful for, as well as the knowledge that you’re building on intentions already in place 🙂 Great stuff.

  2. Diana Pratt says:

    I agree with Lizzy. Great post!!

  3. Welcome to the TTOT. Such a fun, good post. I applaud you for your success with the cleanse. As soon as I read no coffee – I’m out. I can’t. Well, I don’t even want to try. Give you lots of credit for surviving 24 days. Cultivate is a great word for the year, mine is Balance.

    • Thank you! I’ve been stalking TTOT for months but I suffer from chronic lateness and then…*sigh*.
      I love reading everyone’s posts for even in the reading of the thankfulness that others share I find gentle reminders on the worst day that there IS much to be thankful for!

  4. You are rocking this year! Don’t forget to reward your awesome accomplishment! And yay to finishing the rest of the challenge strong!

  5. You may doubt a lot, but you do not need to doubt that this was a great post list of thankfuls.
    Isn’t it amazing how children’s minds work? Ah, the things they say. It’s enough to keep me smiling when I’m feeling down too.
    Love a good sunrise. A gift for sure.

    • I doubt a LOT.
      It’s a habit to break.
      Or something else to cultivate – confidence.
      And thank heavens for children’s minds. They keep me laughing every day….

  6. I love that your list is a reflection on the good in simple, regular pieces of the every day – something we can all relate to. Kids being ill, to go to the gym or hang on the couch, finding time to write…
    I love it. Have a good week!

  7. Welcome to the TToT!
    It is simply the best bloghop in the ‘sphere, good theme (gratitude) and great people and an attitude of fun and creativity (both are totally encouraged)
    Excellent Grat List… especially (but not limited to) the inclusion of a canine… they are perfect lifeforms!

    • Thank you!
      Some days, I prefer the canine to my birth children, although I had the improbably happenstance of getting a dog with nearly the same personality traits as both my children…so she can be particularly strong willed as well.
      She, however, loves me the most, especially if I’m willing to share a banana.
      If only my relationship with my children were that easy…
      but it is not, so I am always grateful for my loyal beast.

  8. dyannedillon says:

    NO CHEESE? That’s going too far.
    Welcome to the TToT! Glad you joined us! I predict you will be hooked and will be back with us every week. I, too, have been having writing issues, but I always do my weekly list of thankfuls.

  9. Wow, what excellent habits you’re developing this new year! It can be so hard sometimes to take that action. All those worries say no, no! Good for you for trying new stuff.

  10. I have been struggling with my writing lately as well. So much on my mind, nothing flowing through my fingertips – can be quite frustrating! Sounds like you are staying positive and I sense good energy from you, despite being a plant-killer (I can’t keep a cactus alive). I think we will both find our mojo again 🙂 Not to mention, if you can survive without cheese for 24 days you can do anything!

    • OH I need something to funnel all the detritus floating through my head into something…readable.
      AND I’ve figured out I really just need to get up and write because lately the best stuff comes when I’m lying in bed, and I can never quite recapture it in the morning. Maybe the iPad just needs to sit at my bedside so I can write in the dark.

      I think we WILL both find our mojo again (although, reading what you’ve written lately I think you are on a better path than I am.)

  11. So, your dog has a thing for bananas, too? My dog, Drexel, used to be a guide dog puppy in training, until he “career-changed” for scent distraction. The scent that was the most distracting to him? Banana! So, he came back home as our pet–and he’s a wonderful pet!
    Welcome to the TToT!

    • Bananas for the win! That, and cheese, are Macy’s weakness.
      And I think that Drexel must be a super laid back dog if he was slated for a career as a guide dog!

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