Off to School

Today is my baby’s – my little baby, BARELY out of pullups – first day of school.

Not nursery school – real school. Uniforms. School songs. Plays. Field trips on a bus. (bites nails) Ok, so today isn’t the first REAL day – she is only going for a half day, to get a feel for it before she starts full time after Easter break, but its real to her.
Today she woke up and undressed herself. Completely. She’s always taken off her trousers, but gets tangled up in her shirts, which inevitably leads to tears.
Today, she pulled her shirt over her head like she’s been doing it for years, grinned, and said “I’m going to big school now, I can do it”.
Then, after completely dressing herself, froze – then looked and me, and shrieked “I’m going to BIG school. I can wear my uniform!”
And promptly stripped naked.
And redressed herself, in her uniform.
So, ready for school, she looked like this:

(Yes, she is wearing black leggings. AND a school skirt. She couldn’t decide what she wanted to wear, so she wore both.)

While I will admit that I’m struggling with Boo – who in this picture, will not turn 6 for another 3 days – looking so grown up, I’m totally freaking out about how grown up Miss Pea looks.

As I write this, however, I am realizing that in all her excitement, she didn’t pee before she went to school. I’m praying that she won’t have an accident on her first day, but she’s so excited, and so new at the potty thing, that its a reasonable expectation that she will.

So maybe not so big, just quite yet!

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