Mothering Sunday

Today was “Mothering Sunday”, the UK equivalent of Mother’s Day back in the US. The family pulled out all the stops today….the Hubs made us breakfast (AND did the dishes, woot woot).
Pea only had a slightly minor meltdown involving clothes. I had coffee in me and no dishpan hands, so she wasn’t going to faze me today.
Later in the day, we all went to my favorite place for a Sunday dinner – the Pandy Inn in Dorstone. Not only is the food really yummy, but the building is old and loaded with character. Its not often you get candles at lunchtime with your kids.
Aren’t they so cute you could just eat them up?

The Hubs did good. He’s a handsome lad, isn’t he? Boo was having a lot of fun, as impatient as he was. Oh well…he’s just focusing on his pudding yet to come, I’m sure.

He was very anxious. You see, he LURVES Sticky Toffee Pudding.
And at the Pandy, they make a mean sticky toffee pudding. So there was a lot of bouncing in his seat, anxiously asking “is it time for pudding yet?”
(and, is it wrong that ANY time I hear someone say “pudding” here – as in dessert, not a la Bill Cosby and Jell-o – Pink Floyd echoes in my ears? “You can’t have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat…..”)
But I digress…
Yup, that is the face of a boy anxious to get through his dinner so he can have dessert!

Pea, being Pea, who doesn’t eat food that isn’t a carbohydrate or consist of milk in some form or a fruit, is always difficult when it comes to Sunday dinners. You see, she doesn’t eat roast – anything. Although, she DID try the roast turkey at school last week….

while Boo will happily eat roast chicken, but for Pea we ordered the (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) roast “turkey.” It only took the server a few tries to figure out what we were saying.
Not surprisingly, she didn’t eat the tur-chicken. Or the roast potato (a.k.a. “giant chip”). Nope, can’t fool her.
On the other hand, she DID eat her broccoli. (and mine). AND she ate the little peas out of the sugar snap pea pods. (and the Hub’s sugar snaps. And my sugar snaps.) One. At. A. Time.
Oh well, at least she ate her veggies! ‘Cause then she could eat some ice cream.

One of these days, I’m going to film her eating ice cream. She is the slowest, most deliberate eater you have ever seen. Yes, I’m going to film it, title it “gluttony” and then the Globe can project it on the big wall with their other art installations. (Hey, if I can watch leaves blowing in the breeze for 5 minutes, we can watch her eat ice cream. It’s equally mesmerizing…)
She also manages, without fail, to coat both sleeves with chocolate ice cream (who needs a napkin when you have sleeves) as well as most other parts of her body, hair and face. And then she shared a chocolate kiss with Momma!
(But only a chocolate kiss. No chocolate ice cream.)

And a lucky momma I am.

So to all the mommas out there, young and old, mean or not, have a lovely, happy Mother’s Day.
May you feel as appreciated and loved as you feel tired!

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