iPhone…I waste time..but how fun

For Christmas, my darling hubby surprised me with an iPhone.

I love technology, I love the web even though I know my computer is really just a giant time-sucking vacuum in disguise. And this is the coolest freaking thing, ever.

So after going to get my phone (and talk about time-sucking vacuums, go to your local phone store. Lots of sales people milling around, doing, well, we weren’t sure, but they weren’t helping customers. We were being helped, as we arrived EARLY, but for a technology business, nothing was working). but I digress. So after finally getting my phone, I spent a good part of the day adding email addresses, bookmarking craigslist, adding an application for the Weather Channel, a shopping list, a Gratitude Journal (LOVE IT) and a FooPet, taking pictures of the kiddos, and syncing my iPod application. Now all I have to do is add an application for Blogger, and I’ll be in hog heaven!

So if you try to call and I don’t answer, I may be playing with the kids…but I also may be throwing a ball for my cyber lab puppy.

Since my hubby is still dragging his feet about getting a real one.

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