Find a happy place FINDAHAPPYPLACE!

After a long morning (yes, already) with my daughter Sybil…erm…Pea (I mean, is it really possible for someone to wake up whining? Apparently so, and it morphed into a 45 minute tantrum, at which point I just threw some cheerios at her and stuffed her in the car to go to school…..)

Aaand, I’m rambling. I digress.

After a stressful morning with my darling, darling now 4 year old, coffee in hand, I latched on to my bloggy pal Jenny from Jenny on the Spot’s post “Ooooh! A List! A List of Happy Things” because I needed a laugh. (And its just too early for vodka.)

I love that flattery took up three spots on her list. Nothing wrong with confidence shots. And sublety. So what the heck – I need to change my frame of mind, so here is my totally random list of 10 things that make me happy.

1. My kids. They rock. They crack me up.

2. Alternately, dropping my kids off at school. (Is that wrong?)

3. The Hubs. He’s sweet. He puts up with me. I put up with him. It works.

4. Chocolate. Especially warm, melty chocolate that cries out for a big glass of milk.

5. This Movie: Its corny, its sweet, and it has classic lines that stick in your head – like the “chick” version of “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”. Or “Spaceballs”.

6. Sitting at the beach. Can you be unhappy with sand between your toes and the hot sun on your face?

(ok, so maybe this wasn’t the best photo choice.)

7. A Starbucks skinny vanilla latte. Ok, but if we are talking SERIOUSLY happy, a peppermint mocha, with whip. Oh yeah, I walk on the wild side.

8. Curling up with a good book. Especially when all my housework is done. (Isn’t it awfully convenient that I live in the “town of books?”)

9. Date night: I get to enjoy a good meal with my husband, but without having to cook or clean up myself, and I get to have an uninterrupted conversation, too. If I’m lucky, we might even see a show or a movie. (gasp)

10. Miniature golf. How can you NOT have fun playing miniature golf – a family tradition when we go to the beach. Especially watching your 3-year-old play.

11. Chocolate.

Yes, I know I said a list of ten, but chocolate makes me so happy it needs to be here twice. There is no such thing as too much chocolate.

Wanna play? Make your list on Facebook or on your blog, and let me know so I can read it, too.

I needs all the happy I can gets today.


  1. #2 – CRACKED ME UP! Also, my youngest wakes up whining MOST mornings. It's so weird!When I read your list, I just feel… feel… like we even sisterlier than ever. EVER. The Princess Bride…. the peppermint mocha with whip (grips chest)… just, really. So much.

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