How I Make Catch-Up Time Easy as Pie

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I don’t know about you, but it seems like everyone I know is seriously over-scheduled these days. I’m even guilty of it. My kids are busy with homework and after-school activities, and when they aren’t busy with that, then they’re scattered all over the house: S in the spare room, heartily practicing his drums and marimba (note to self: buy earplugs), or Miss M in the playroom, busily crafting or reading.


Lacrosse, dance and soccer schedules mean that three nights a week we don’t even get to sit down together as a family. Because of this, I try to make the afternoon snack a focal point so that I can get my kiddos to sit down and talk about their day.

Time for Pie


It’s a routine we started shortly after we moved back to the US after living overseas for a few years, when I found myself missing the slower pace we had when we lived in rural Wales. I feel like we spent a lot more time playing and exploring there, and a lot less time running about from activity to activity. It was also more common to have a friend pop by for a cup of tea and a bite of cake or pie.

I’m sad to say that the days of friends of dropping in for a chat and a coffee seem to be drawing to a close, as it seems many people view the unanticipated visitor as an imposition. Because of this, I make it a point to arrange coffee mornings at the house with friends. I don’t like to make a big fuss – just a pot of coffee and something to nibble on while we chat.


Of course, I’m not the most organized hostess, given my chaotic schedule. I usually have the best of  intentions to bake, I really do.  In all honestly however, between the Texas heat and a growing 11-year old my baked goods have a short shelf life, so when I find a treat I can share that is fresh and yummy, well, that makes planning get-togethers over a cup of coffee that less harried.


That’s why I want to tell you about Mr Kipling pies, which are coming to Texas Walmart stores for a VERY limited time. Not only are they tasty, but they are a treat that I feel good about sharing because Mr Kipling pies are carefully prepared. The fruit pies? That’s real fruit in there, and the perfect mix of sweet and tart.


That perfect balance in the cherry pies was a big hit with my camera-shy moms and the Mississippi mud pies went down a treat. They were amazed by the depth of the chocolate flavor in them and the forks may have been left by the wayside so as not to spill a crumb. (But I’m not telling.)

These lovely mini pies have a short shelf life (which to me signals a product made with care and REAL, quality ingredients). Because they’re here for such a short time, you’d better not wait if you want to try these (and trust me, you will). They will only be at Walmart for a limited time!


My son’s hands-down favorite is the Mississippi Mud Pie. It’s layers of chocolate mousse and a chocolate topping, with sprinkles, and the flakiest, most homemade tasting crust I’ve ever had that wasn’t from scratch. I’m telling you, there’s nothing like these pies, the true flavor of the ingredients really shines through.

Yum! They are a guaranteed way to bring the kiddos to the table. These pies are just fun to eat.


I wish you could hear the contented sighs made when my son eats these. It’s been a sure way to get him to the table. Miss M was worried when she thought she had missed out – she loves all that chocolatey goodness, too. (I made sure to save some for her.)

In addition to Mississippi Mud Pie and Cherry, you will also find Apple and Fruit (a yummy blend of apple and blackcurrant – if you haven’t tried this combo before, you need to) at select Walmart stores here in Texas. Look for them in this area of your local store:


I think these pies will be a great addition to my holiday entertaining, and another coffee morning is definitely in the works soon (now that I’ve shown just how easy it is to organize) so that we can “taste test” all four flavors together before they are gone – not that I need an excuse to try the pie.

What about you? What reason could you find to make time for pie with family and friends?


Like you really need a reason for this much yummy goodness.



  1. Are they just going to be in Texas?

    • Just a few states, sadly. I’m hoping they do well and they send them everywhere.
      I’d buy some and freeze them if I knew that you were coming to visit sooner!

  2. Yum! I really hope they come to FL! I love the idea of a coffee morning. I’m going to have to plan a few in the New Year!

  3. I NEVER need a reason for this much yum! So sad you aren’t close where I could pop over and enjoy some!

    • You’re a funny girl.
      And they really are good – which reminds me we ate all of the Mississippi Mud Pie and I need to go find more.

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