Excused Absence

If you’ve been wondering why there haven’t been any updates lately, you can blame it on my daughter.

You see, my life revolves around wee.

If you see me on the street, I likely look stressed (hoping my daughter doesn’t wee on your shoes. Or in my car.) My friends give me potty training advice.
I post about wee on Facebook, desperate for advice.
I even Tweet about it.

Its pitiful, really.

If I were posting, I’d be ranting.
About wee, or the lack thereof actually making it to the toilet.
(By my daughter, not me. Me, I’m doing just fine, standing with her for hours in the bathroom, water running, running…and me running to the other bathroom, so that I can use the toilet, as all that running water just kills my baby-battered, weakened mommy-bladder.)

So in an effort to not completely lose all my followers, I’ve not been posting.

Its just too pathetic.

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