I love the UK

Forget about the dark beers. The sausages. The endless green grass. (which, in reality, exists because of the endless rain.) Reruns of “Are you Being Served”, “Blackadder” and “Dr. Who”.

English muffins and crumpets. Robert Pattinson (go Team Edward!) and Ewan McGregor (swoon).Yes, its all lovely stuff.

No. I have a newfound love for the British.


They love my accent. I mean, they LURRVE it. I get complimented on it. A lot.

(I say – what accent? I’m from the MIDWEST.) And when I say they, I mean the 4 people who have complimented me. I don’t mean the entire island. That would be way self-absorbed.

See, here, people say “Sahm”. It sounds elegant, posh even, to my ears. At home, it would sound more like “Saym”. Huh.

Anywho, I get a kick out of it when people say “I really love your accent. Its fantastic.”


I get complimented on my teeth.

MY teeth.

When I first met one of my neighbors, he interrupted himself to say “oh my, you have the most lovely teeth – are they yours?”

Yesterday, stopped by a little old man on the street to be quizzed about my hybrid car, he said “Could I make a personal comment? You have the most lovely teeth”.

No, my kids have lovely teeth. Me, I have big teeth. Teeth not meant for my little head. Teeth I suffered through braces with – not the invisible ones they have not. Not even the little metal ones my sister had. No, I had full metal bands. On my big, round teeth. If only we had all of the cosmetic dentistry services available to us now, back then. One of my friends recently visited a Dentist in Land O’ Lakes to bond her teeth together and make them look straighter. That would’ve made so much difference when I was younger!

I slept with night headgear, too. Like Tootie wore on “Facts of Life”.

So totally not cool. Thankfully, a lot of my friends in grade school were also so totally not cool.

We were dorks together at sleepovers.
(and I’m digressing, again.)

Soooo at least I get validation for my years of torture endured at the hands of my orthodontist, Dr. VanderWaal.

And needless to say, I smile more here.

(Rare photo. Taken, of course, in that ever so glamorous location – the kitchen.)


  1. Forget about dark beer and sausage? I don't think so.

  2. MY… what lovely teeth your have!Dude. I totally relate. My teeth are quite big, given the fact I have a itty bitty child-sized head. Thankful for the braces, cuz big cricked teeth are not so great in a small head. Or somethinglikethat.

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