Boo sings. He makes music. All. Day. Long.

(Was it really my idea to give him a toy saxophone? Sadly, it was. But I’m pretty sure the bongos were NOT my idea.)

Most of the time its cute, unless he’s singing/playing music just to annoy Pea while she’s trying to watch a Barbie movie. Usually, he sings U2 or the Boss, although he also has been making up his own songs.

Most recently, we’ve caught him singing in the bathroom.

Not in the shower.

While on the toilet.

Its pretty darn funny, actually.

However, propriety keeps me from recording THAT. He has started taking showers on his own. (How clean he gets is questionnable….but I digress.)

And so, of course, he sings.

Totally. Obliviously. Into it. Especially the “batting the water in time to his singing” stuff.

(and if you’ll just ignore the mineral deposits on my shower door, thankyouverymuch. Its, um, strategically placed for reasons of privacy. Yeah. That’s it.)

Back to the singing.

Lets face it, we all do it, don’t we – or at least at one time or another. Sing in the bathroom. Shower/tub acoustics are awesome, and a shampoo bottle will suffice for a mike…um…yeah, I mean, so I’ve heard.

What’s your favorite singing-in-the-shower song?


  1. The video won't play for me 🙁

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