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Having straight teeth has been proven to boost self-confidence and improve oral health. This is why my husband recently got invisible aligners (take a look on to find out more) and both my children have had to put up with braces. I want to make sure they all feel good about themselves and understand the importance of keeping their teeth in good condition! While in the grand scheme of things, 10-12 months with braces on is well worth it for a lifetime of straight teeth – but for my kids, they could only focus on how they can’t get any of their favorite snacks. “Oh, the smell is taunting me” my daughter moaned every time we walked past the snack bar in Target.

It’s the popcorn.

She had braces. (She might be a wee melodramatic, too.)

Before you tell me “my kids/I ate popcorn when I had braces”, let me stop you right there, because my kids are rule followers – at least when someone else sets the rules. When they first came home from the orthodontist, fully wired up and a list of “forbidden” foods in hand, one of them may have looked at me plaintively and said, “I can’t have steak – he said we can’t have CHEWY food”. It’s always a good idea to take on any advice from your Dentist Hartford so I was very proud that my kids did their best to stick to the suggestions from the dentist.

Ok, not MY steaks, and that’s not what the doc meant by chewy, kiddo – but the Boy took a lot of convincing otherwise.

And while they did nibble carefully on the thin tortilla chips when we went out for Tex-Mex (because, really, how could you not), when eating a thinly-cut-per-orthodontist-directions apple slices, Miss M popped off a bracket, and that sealed the deal for her with not eating the forbidden foods. The Boy popped a bracket off for no reason, so he stayed away from the “bad” foods, too.

The Boy was to get his braces off 4 weeks before Miss M, and she was having nothing of it; many a battle ensued about when the other would get to eat all the sticky-chewy goodness that they’ve been missing out on. (Since November last year. You would think they had been lost in the desert for years or something). Of course, if you need an orthodontist to help give recomendations for after care there’s no harm in that, and of course i’d say to encourage your children to stick to that advice, but this was such a big day for them, and everyone needs a treat after they’ve done so well.

To settle it, I promised them all the yummy bracket-braking foods they’d been missing out on.

Chewy candy.

Crunchy cheese puffs.



Whole apples, corn on the cob, baby carrots in the whole. Even these giants party platters of sandwiches that they decided to avoid just in case of any incidents are going to be there too. The whole shebang. !


And because it’s not officially a big deal unless I make it so, I had to put together a bucket of fun to celebrate the big day. It holds:

  • Their favorite chewy candies
  • Chewing gum
  • Single-serve bags of their favorite chips (Miss M wanted Cheetos, the Boy wanted Doritos)
  • The long-awaited popcorn
  • Roasted almonds
  • A new toothbrush/new toothbrush heads for his sonic toothbrush (because, hello, it’s a bucket of candy)
  • Waxed floss (no more expensive but much-needed Superfloss, hooray)

(When they finished with the SECOND round of braces, I added a box of tooth whitening strips as they had been asking for some when braces were off.)

braces basket

I also bought some caramel apples, corn on the cob, and stocked up on celery and carrot sticks. I think the only food we haven’t procured for the Boy is BBQ ribs, but I’ll take care of that soon enough.

I popped a cute printable on my metal bucket, more printables on the taffy apples, scattered some balloons and it was all waiting for them when they came home from school!


When I looked around for ideas, I didn’t see too much out there, so I made my own printables. I’ll share them with you:


Click here to download my “braces off” bucket label (PDF)

Braces Treat Tag

Click here to download my gift bag/caramel apple bag tag (PDF)

Needless to say, these were a big hit (and I’m really glad I bought all the tooth care products because holy sugar bugs)!

I’m going to be adding to my “Braces Off” Pinterest board, because this, my friends, was merely Round 1. See that big happy grin?

miss m

Yes, she’s still missing a few permanent teeth, so she’s been given a retainer to wear, and after some time for both the teeth to come in and to grow a bit more, she’ll be headed back for Round 2.


Let me know what you would do/did to celebrate the end of braces!


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  1. Planning a little celebration for tomorrow – 9 year old gets her braces off!

    • Congrats to your daughter! I hope she enjoys it!
      (My son has already been told that his second round will start up after vacation this summer.)

  2. Hey that looks awesome! congratulation for successfully completing braces process. I hope you would had a nice time wearing braces. have you ever faced any Braces emergency during your orthodontic treatment?

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