Poor Snowy

Our back garden went from this

To this

in about 12 hours.

Poor, sad little Snowy. (It mystifies me that my kids have these amazing imaginations, yet they have zero imagination when it comes to names. Did I mention we left a fish named “Swimmy” with our tenants back in Chicago? Yeah, “Swimmy”.)
Poor Boo. We didn’t even manage to buy a sled before they sold out. The store got them back in the day before it melted. I didn’t bother. (Mean mommy). Still, he built snow forts and snowmen with the neighborhood kids, and managed to bend his garden hoe hacking at ice. Pea and I filled bottles with colored water and sprayed the garden technicolor.
Good fun for all. But I was pretty much over it.
However, after years and years of Chicago winters, with giant mounds of black, dirty snow heaped in lots, melting slowly, this is absolutely brilliant.
Today, we have blue skies and green, green grass.
Ok, so there MAY be some flooding after the quick melt, but we’re on high ground.
Snowy lives, if only his head, for a few more days.

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