Papa's gift

My dad is the original “McGuyver”. He can find a simple solution to what seems to be an impossible problem – the kind that makes you smack yourself upside the head and revert to your 10-year-old kind of response: “Duh”.

As you may know, Sam is going to be a rock and roller when he grows up.

So for Christmas this year, well, Papa built him:

A stage.

Yes, a true wood floor (thanks John for the donated Pergo flooring!) complete with strobing LCD lights on a remote control. On a previous visit, he hung curtain wire for me on the wall (behind where the stage was to be located) and Christmas eve, we hung iridescent purple and teal curtains for that special touch. Mimi added a mike stand, amplifier and toy electric guitar to round out the gift…

The look on Sam’s face was priceless – confusion, shock, and glee flashed over it in a manner of seconds.

And since Christmas eve, he has been “rocking it out” for us every day!

Look out, John Hiatt, John Prine and Lyle Lovett. The next generation of the keen observer of everyday life is coming into his own…

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