What Is Christmas?

What do aliens, robots, astronauts, Postman Pat, Mary and Joseph have in common?

Apparently, Boo’s school Christmas play.

A definite deviation from the tried and true Nativity play, with little ones singing about “Little Lore Cheesus” (thanks for that @Hoola) and such, Key Stage 1 (which is the equivalent of US 4yr old preschoolers, kindergardeners and first graders) put on a show wherein aliens and robots travel to earth to discover what “Christmas” is.

This was no small production, as is evidenced by the spaceship which has landed on Castle Street here in Hay. Two of Boo’s best mates played the astronauts whom said spotted aliens (not unlike Barney) and robots followed back to Earth.

Then, of course, you have to have Postman Pat. For Postman Pat, Christmas means “a lot of hard work”. (As the one who stamped, mailed, shopped, wrapped and decorated to the point of exhaustion the past few weeks, I can totally relate.) Boo took his role quite seriously, practicing his lines for weeks.

Interestingly, due to wardrobe malfunction, Postman Pat looks like he had been mauled by Jess the Cat (or had a roll in the back of his red post truck). Thankfully, on the second evening performance, he was sorted out and respectable.
He was also happy that he gets to keep the actual Postman Pat costume I found. (Thank you, Ebay.)
The lovely Mary and Joseph did an amazing job singing a solo bit in their song. “Mary” is one of Boo’s girlfriends, whom he says he will marry when he is 20. Although, he did say that last week, so who knows. Kids these days…

The redheaded Angel of the Lord had a busy time keeping the little angel on stage, in place, and in order. My favorite part of the 2nd performance was when the littler angel delivered her one line, and promptly did a perfect pratfall to the floor in true dramatic form.

Isn’t she adorable? (and one of Boo’s other “girlfriends”.)
The costuming, mostly provided by the parents, was the most impressive I’ve ever seen (and I’ve been in my share of high school plays.) There was no holding back in the face painting, although the Kings look like someone had a go with a Sharpie. Handsome little fellows, aren’t they? The King on the left is another of Boo’s best mates.

And of course, doesn’t every Christmas play need a gratuitous, impromptu Bollywood-style dance sequence? Because “They don’t celebrate Christmas.” ?????? HUH ????
Because, I’m sure that didn’t confuse them aliens at all.

They did an amazing job and looked like they were enjoying the dancing as much as we were. Kind of made me want to go home, put on a sari and eyepaint, and turn on the Bollywood channel….

Scene cuts to “parents” decorating the tree in anticipation of the arrival of Father Christmas in the morning. Yet another of Boo’s best mates did a wonderful job. (On the second night, he did a fantastic job, too, of pulling funny faces, at which he is brilliant. Thankfully, Pea was at home with a sitter – small children were not allowed, they were videotaping it for sale at the first of the year – lest she be in giggles on the floor, as he always pulls faces for her.) Such a sweet, funny boy, accompanied by the pretty S., who has an impressive application of blue eyeshadow.

In the end, the story worked its way around to Christmas being about family, the birth of Jesus and the visit of Father Christmas. The aliens flew away in their spaceship (also parked on Castle Street).
Boo loved his role, and the attention, of course. He is a little showman after all. We definitely had an entertaining couple of evenings.
I was honestly blown away with the quality of the production – this was no little nativity play. They put in long hours and had real direction for such a young group of thespians. We’re wondering when the Headmistress will be taking them to the West End in London….

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