Riding the Santa Train

I’ve been busy with all our end-of-term activities and pre-Christmas activities, and probably should be writing profound holiday-related posts of spirit and joy and all that other stuff.

Instead, I’m going to post gratuitous photos (which should have been edited down, but neener, neener, this is my blog, get your own if you don’t like it or go watch “Glee” or something.) This was such a fun family day, I just wanted to share it all. And, it saves me from putting everything up on Facebook, too.

With Christmas quickly approaching, we decided to treat the kids for a ride on the “Santa Train” on the Welshpool-Llanfair Railway. An afternoon ride across the gorgeous countryside under a beautiful blue sky to meet Father Christmas’ train, and end it with a snack of mulled wine and mince pies – what could be more exciting??

(Apparently, a bit too exciting, as halfway there, after snorting down a full travel cup full of applejuice and a cup of Cheerios, well shaken up in her tummy by the twisting, winding roads we were travelling – Pea hurled all over herself. Repeatedly. Which isn’t a good thing on a narrow, winding road, where there is no place to pull over.)

After a quick stop, a clean up and change of clothes, and a rinse of the winter coat in the restroom, a perkier Pea was ready for her ride on the Santa Special:

And look, here is a rare picture of Momma! An actual picture! Not taken by the camera held out in front of myself! And my hair isn’t totally mussed!

After a bit of a ride through the countryside (which we were almost too excited to enjoy), we were met by Santa’s very own train, travelling from Welshpool.

Here is the big guy himself, ready with gifts for the boys and girls on the train…

One of my favorite pictures – the anticipation of a happy 3 year old.

As Santa (or Father Christmas, as he is more commonly referred to here) had 4 passenger cars to visit, he had some helpers hop on the other cars to entertain us and ease the anticipation. Here, a very cheeky Rudolph the Red-Nosed reindeer chats up the kids.

He was accompanied by what we can only assume was a very large elf….Boo and Pea were pretty taken with him, too.

At long last…Father Christmas himself! He rode with us for a while (there was only one other family in our car, so everyone had lots of time to tell Santa that they had indeed be good, and to get a bag with some really lovely gifts in it…)

Santa even had time to take a picture with Mommy! (Mommy has been a good girl, too. Really. Never mind what you’ve heard.)

The kids didn’t waste any time playing with their gifts, including reading (and re-reading) the book Santa gave to Maddie.

Waving goodbye to Santa, his reindeer, elves and puppeteers:
On the return to the Llanfair station, Pea played with the other kids in our passenger car while Boo rode on the platform outside. Despite the cold, it was his favorite place to be. It was a special moment for my train-mad boy!

The End.

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