Christmas Eve

With Pete’s family far off in Virginia, I’m always thankful for my family who are close.

This year the snowy weather cleared up enough to allow my parents, grandfather, brother and nephew to join us for a low key Christmas eve.

My nephew Jake brought a gingerbread house kit to build with Sam and Maddie. Maddie thoroughly enjoyed it, my crafty girl. Jake is so thoughtful! We opened presents to each other; Jake and Pete played pool in the basement while Dad and Papa Dan relaxed and visited with John. We then had a dinner that (if I do say so myself) was delicious!!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the evening. Enjoy!
Me and Papa Dan – we’re so blessed to have him with us still!
Maddie excitedly opens an Ariel doll from Uncle John & Jacob.
Sam and Pete – the older Sam gets, the more he looks like his Daddy!
Jacob and Maddie. She is always so excited to see her “cousin Jakey”.
(sorry, Jake, I know you don’t like it. Ask your dad how long it took him to outgrow “John-John”!)

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