Writer’s Workshop: The Skittles War


My son gets his hated braces off in a week, my daughter six weeks later.

“When I get my braces off, I’m going to eat all the Skittles I can! Mom said so!”

My daughter storms “That’s not fair ’cause I can’t eat them yet – you have to wait for me!!!”

The petty bickering escalates into an arm-waving argument and the dog hides in her crate.

I know how to shut them down: diversion, redirection.

I walk into the room, popping a handful of Skittles in my mouth as I casually ask: “What’s up?”

They are now in their rooms, sulking and plotting, but the house is once again quiet.


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Post inspired by the prompt:  Write a blog post in exactly 7 lines.
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  1. ha ha! You like grape or strawberry the best? 😉

  2. LOL. Funny.

  3. The skittles are yours!!!! Muahahahahaha!

  4. OK, that was genious!

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