You can never over-accessorize

Watching Maddie, I can’t be sure what she loves more: shoes, purses, or other accessories – necklaces, glasses, etc.

She embodies all the great things about being two and being a girl – dressing up and having fun! The girl LOVES shoes, better so if they are red. (Who can blame her – every girl needs a pair of red shoes!) We ran to the mall the other day, and Miss Maddie was properly outfitted for shopping in a cherry-covered dress, sunglasses, red beads to match her dress, white shoes, pleased as punch with how she looked!

We stopped in Gymboree – no watching TV for Miss M. She carefully inspected the shoes, hats, and miscellaneous accessories, taking some off the racks to show me, others tossed carelessly aside “I no yike dat, Mommy”. She spied a rack of cherry-decorated purses, deliberately unloading the rack onto the floor and inspecting each one. On reaching the last purse, she proudly presented it to me “Mommy, dis is a pretty purse! Could I hab it, please?”, and without waiting for a reply, promptly marched to the saleslady and requested “Pease cut off the tags, pease?”

Needless to say, baby girl marched out of there proudly dangling a cherry purse over her arm, pleased as punch.

After all, how can Mommy turn down a purse?

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