Sunday Roundup

It’s Sunday and a day of rest (at least that’s my excuse for not folding the laundry) and I’m extending that to blogging. And poop-picking upping. The dog’s poop, to clarify. My kids aren’t THAT lazy.

Since I feel like I’m kind of on a one-week roll with the blog (for a change), here is a round-up of all the awesome I have found while wandering the interwebz this week. (Read, procrastinating on the 12 book reviews I need to do before my brain reaches “full”.)



When I die, my kids had better write an obituary like this. If they live longer than me, which they might not if the whining does not cease forthwith.

That time of the month? Here’s some good advice from Chrissy.

I’ll be making these the next time the strawberries I’m bought at Costco looks like they might turn too early, again, and we need to eat them fast.

These, because we need to eat our vegetables, right?

I have a recipe for Korean beef that the boy and I devour. This Thai beef recipe has similar flavors, but with red chili paste. And an egg. And bock choi. (Which would make me feel not guilty for chowing down on a fried egg and beef.)

If I ever find my waist again, I want to wear this skirt. I’m trying to get over the fact that she just had a baby and she can wear this. I’m in my 9th year of losing “that baby weight”.

These may be the most comfortable looking pajamas I’ve seen, and what a cause they support. I also want all the temporary tattoos, because I’m a wimp, I hate needles…and I have commitment issues.

When my soon-to-be middle schooler is bored: I say, read. Which reminds me, MY middle schooler never did write his “summer reading” blog post for me. (It may be a “back to school reading” post, if his fingers ever unclamp from the Xbox controller.)

This post made me want a bike with a banana seat again. Or not.

With all the talk about the Pacific Northwest ready to drop into the ocean any day now, it’s good to know how to prepare. Kind of. Not.


That’s it! I’m spending my day with the family, which mostly means yelling at them to turn off the TV or sitting together on the sofa on our devices unless we decide to go to the movies to see Minions.

I’m not sure which is worse.


  1. Thanks for including me! It’s impossible to escape those minions.

    • The Minions movie was actually better than I expected – of course, I had heard awful reviews, so my expectations were very low, but still. We all laughed.

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